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Prophetic Sign #2

Dude something miraculously happened this morning.


So here I am sitting on the toilet, taking a number 2. Lol
and then I start to hear AUDIBLY music out of nowhere.
I look around and theres no music outlet, no speakers, nothing!
It doesn’t make sense, so I carefully meditate on it, staring into the abyss, and I keep hearing the music loud and louder. I’m in a bathroom stall of my own home, where everyone is asleep still and there aren’t any electronics on. Just me and my toilet.

So I listen to the music. WOW it is sooo strange. I hear like 7 different singers, in different range styles: a tenor voice, soprano, baritone voice. All different, yet shares the same tone. And I hear a huge crowd of people in the background making clap noises, whistling, cheering, the crowd sounds like there were 50 million people there. I hear the clashes of drums and cymbals, and guitar distortion. It sounded just like jesus culture hillsong united kari jobe desperation band and steffany frizzell misty Edwards all mixed into one yoke. And then I heard the singers prophetic singing, speaking in tongue, this whole thing went on for 20min. it was the strangest audible thing ive ever come across.

And then an hour later, I started seeing smokiness in my home. The sunlight beamed through my homes windows, and it created an effervescent wonder. I saw it. It was UNREAL. I have never bore witness to that ever in my entire life! WOW! The smoke was inside the beam of light, the smoke was slowly forming into some kind of silhouette of a person. SO STRANGE man.

Anyways just wanted to share that with you.

It was def a cool experience.

Theology VS Spirit

Would you rather be a theologian or a servant of Abba?

Sure, the bible. B.I.B.L.E: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.
The bible is an instruction manual of how to preach the gospel for what it means to represent the Christian faith as a true Christian with His Love and His intent.

Yes and in order to understand the comprehension of Christianity, is through the self education of the Bible.
Studying the bible, discussions, reading it context by context, analyzing it, knowing the historical references, deciphering the metaphors and parables.
Knowing the Hebrew language and other cultural traditions as Nazarite, Judaism, Islam, Israelite, Jehovah. Reading books and going to as many seminars, or being disciple by different mentors of pastors and internship. Even going into bible college or seminary school.
Of Theological or Biblical Studies.

Although what is factual and what I’ve learned through my own Christian walk, is that there are construct activities in this Christian faith being a follower of Christ. But to be more than a follower, if you’re being called to be a soldier of Christ, by His will only, then those construct models are meaningless if the communion of the spirit is not within them.

The Construct models are:
Reading the Word (Bible), Prayer, Worship.

His Will models are:
Missions (Outreach/Inreach), Evangelism, Pastor (speaker/worship/leader/overseer/admin), Writer, Teacher, and many more.

 Yet as it is known to be majority percentage, this is not to say with generalizing notion that it is absolute, but from careful observations the reformed Presbyterian denomination chooses the Calvinism approach. And through this carry, they choose to strictly focus more on the theological content. But doing so in the long run, is actually only hurting their own faith as predecessors and intercession.

Because too much focus analyzation on the studious research information of knowledge on the bible, is only broadening their own perception, altering the subconscious which is actually slowly progressively creeping up consuming the mind to think with self pride (arrogance/ignorance). That it is through the mind to understand the character of Yahweh.

But really in actuality, they’re forgetting the most important other two significant constructs that help with the faith and exemplary truth:
Prayer & Worship.

But it is Through the Holy Spirit, to really get into prayer & worship deeply.
And to do chase after Holy Spirit, you need to delve into a daily prayer fast, meditation, and find your own spirit within your soul. Through a continual consecration of this, you will begin to find the holy spirit shake upon you, and you will begin to realize what is the true wisdom.

See, now there is two differences of the mind.
Knowledge VS Wisdom.

Knowledge is information based on experience or education in a worldly aspect. Now in my opinion, I firmly believe that knowledge is really just all vanity. It is useless information, only secular perception, that secretly pertains only to self intent.  

Wisdom is from God. Achieved through relying on His understanding and not our own.

Now from what God is telling me and that I’ve learned in experience, I am starting to really reflect and see what the constructs are actually about now.

Yes the bible is the truth. But the bible was only created as a guideline material (instruction manual) with the intent for man’s comprehension in a worldly contrast.
To know or understand God’s mind, Man cannot fathom, because it is far deeper in dimensions than our own depth of understanding.
For example, take a look at this:

We are like Three Dimensional beings, we can only see, understand, feel, touch, perceive, receive, conceive, sense, learn only in three dimensional way. It’s because that’s how we are designed, we cannot understand the complexity of the Nth dimensions and further more than that, because it’s too profound and the concrete evidence doesn’t make complete logical sense to us.

Yet God is deeper, he could probably be well known as the 10th Dimension. He created the earth, the entire world, everything, the space. Wow.
So in order for us to understand a little of what He tries to tell us, He could do anything he wants, and He chooses to go lower himself down to the 6th dimension being, and sends us his Voice into the 4th dimension through whispers of prayer and spirit in the subconscious.

Yes it does sound like “it must be due to my imagination, I must be saying those things”.
But if we keep praying about it every single day, and this is the same answer we get. And to make matters even more revelational, to have signs, wonders, miracles, supernatural prophetic, bear before our sober eyes as witness to the spirit. Or even have messengers tell us what we need to hear.
That is a SIGN from GOD himself to let us know HE IS WITH US.

So we cannot lose faith, and go into our own self intent, which can lead to hesitant, skepticism, and focus more on theologianism.
Theologianism is actually really hurting what true Christianity is about.
Christianity means RELATIONSHIP. It is to have a real relationship with Jesus Christ the Messiah, Yahweh, Abba Father.

But if we just focus on the theology aspect more rather than accepting what the spirit tells us, and prayer with worship. Then it’s only changing us into what Christianity was never supposed to become, which is RELIGION.

The difference between Relationship VS Religion:
Relationship is having an intimate communion spirit relationship with Abba Father Yahweh.
Religion is governed under the weight of man, and rather than serving God, we serve the congregation based on the church’s addressment of principalities on code of ethics and core values.

What is that?

I went to church when I was little, because I was forced to go to a Presbyterian. I felt left out there, didn’t really understand, then fast forward now. I’ve been raised as a Baptist for 7yrs, now going into a new church of Presbyterian denomination. I felt like the same little kid back in my early days, I felt left out. I did not understand why, so I took the time to study every single night, struggled with insomnia, vastly motivated to really know what is going on in this faith.

I’m now going to attend bible college soon, while at the same time being mentored by 6 different pastors from all different denominations of:
Reformed Charismatic Presbyterian, Southern Charismatic Baptist, Reformed Charismatic Armenian Baptist, Non-Denominational Charismatic Baptist. I am also part of four different churches, and a house of prayer congregation as a leadership communion member in charge of communications department.
I attend bible study/prayer meetings as often as I can if time permits.
This is not to be boastful, but to emphasize the point I’m trying to come across as support to my statement, that I have been studying vastly every single day for the past 7 months, even if it may sound short, I literally gave up my social life and sleep and sometimes eating for trying to really know the character of Jesus. I was unemployed and stopped going to school. So I had a lot of time on my hands. I literally just stayed home, and read every book I can get my hands on, watched 30 different 1 hour sermon videos online from many pastors across the globe: misty Edwards, mike bickle, allan hood, shelly hundley, bill Johnson, francis chan, joseph prince, john piper, tim keller, c.s. lewis, billy graham, kim walker-smith, kari jobe, lecrae, steffany frizzell-gretzinger. Studied the bible 6hours a day, worshipped 3-4hrs a day, prayed 3hrs a day, fasted, served. I excluded myself from any social life and secular activity. I stopped driving my car, stopped going out. Completely immersed myself in Him only. Stopped even seeing my own friends.

But anyways the point where Im getting at is that, if you want to know the character of Jesus on the objective to know Abba Father and Yahweh. It is through the consecration of the nazarite vow to sustain that relationship with Christ. And that is called true Christianity.

If we just continue to only strictly focus on the Word, rather than the spirit.
Then that is what’s known as RELIGION.
And what religion is actually doing is creating the church not for what it is designed to be as humanly as possible, family of the yoke (the body of Christ). It is has become more designed into a mechanical infrastructure, with judgemental notions analyzed and carried from congregation into the entire system within the fellowship community of the church. Although the communion members may not want to admit the hidden loopholes of what’s actually happening, it very well is there, as clear as daylight.

I have nothing against John Piper.
But I am STRONGLY against Calvinism. I do not agree with that false doctrine and false prophet whatsoever absolutely.

I don’t think that is the same God that John Piper is representing either. I believe wholeheartedly and knowingly of spiritual intent that is evil. Now I’m not going to jump to conclusions and point and say that is satanic, because I’m keeping an open mind. But I really think that is not of true love. It is not what God wants to speak into from how we were designed to be in the first place. Of his love.

Joseph Prince – Unmerited Favor.
Read that book. For I do believe in it.
Yes of course we are all sinners, so the most correct embracing approach is through the power of Grace. Not addressing laws.
Although it also depends on the situation too.

Religion has become a complete characterization of IMAGE.
Relationship is about GODS WILL.

What is more important?

Ask yourself that, pray, meditate.
Do you want to be looked good? Does it matter that much to you to do it for your desire?



Do you want to serve for HIS WILL only, for HIS LOVE and not yours?

As it is referenced in the bible.
“If you follow me, the world will hate you.”

Even in Christianity is changing into more evil intentions. Satan is a tricky individual. He tries to creep slowly into your mind, fill it with pride, and trick your perception of how to deliver truth, but it really is not truth, but false teachings. This is Heresy. This is Pharisee.

But as again, who am I to say this? I should not judge, for the judgement day is coming, and God is the judge to that. Sin should not be governed under the weight of MAN, but under the weight of GOD.

I even see GAY CHRISTIANS. But who am I to judge them?
we are all sinners.


So really my point now is, if you really wanna know the character of Jesus and know Abba. Then you must go to Him solely absolutism. If you’re a Christian, then you already know, that you cannot go to God, unless you go through Jesus Christ. And you also know that you cannot understand the character of Christ, until you read the word. Yes. But you cannot begin to understand God in depth if there is no spirit within the constructs.
So please only look to the bible as only a mere reference guideline, rather than just a rule. It is there only as means to give guidance, GUIDANCE, that is key, as to what it really means to deliver your own truth. Use the bible as an example of resource, but to write out your own report, you must believe in your own truth and pursue Him.

Now I was really confused being a baby Christian as to what is the truth.
how to analyze the bible? for it is the truth no doubt about it. but are we to take it and put it in our own words to understand clear interpretation in modern times? OR do we analyze the scripture context by context, taking the previous scriptures before the ones emphasized in content? Or do we try to decipher the metaphors by historical reference in paraphrasing to make sense?
or do we just read it just as is?
(where its known to be heresy pharisee rule)

like as it says in the bible somewhere in matthew 17:20
Jesus replied, “Because you have so little faith. I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”

But it says in the ESV study bible, that the note of moving a mountain, was a “figure of speech” among the jews, that was used back in those days, so it was a metaphor. 

another example. when it says to be humble in the bible.
the theology study says, to be humble actually means:
not to make less of yourself, but to make yourself less.
which makes sense, as to what “meekness vs humility” defines.

so i wondered which approach is it for a very long time, until being disciple by one of my mentor pastors.
I realized the correct approach is to read the word, meditate, calm the spirit, dig deep, observe, and pray for the entire session.

Instead of trying to read 10 chapters in a day. Read just a couple verses, meditate what is it speaking to you, and pray about the subject to Yahweh.


So now after telling you all this.
Ask yourself. Would you rather be a Theologian or His servant?
Do you want Knowledge or His Wisdom?
Do you want to understand it from Man’s mind or from God’s mind?
Do you care about image or do you want to do it for His love intent?
Does it really matter to tell people or show people how smart you are through the intelligence of pride? Being smart is one thing, but telling people how smart you are, is pointless.

What I’ve learned is that, everyone is mature and everyone is good, and everyone is smart. It’s just it takes time for people to get into those stages. Everyone has the potential to become smart, good, mature. It really is stupid to try to be the smartest person on earth and shove it in people’s face, because the same other gent could be smart too. You just never know it.

Anways yea. So really start praying.

I’m out. PEACE

-Albert Aram Kim