Prophetic Sign #2

Dude something miraculously happened this morning.


So here I am sitting on the toilet, taking a number 2. Lol
and then I start to hear AUDIBLY music out of nowhere.
I look around and theres no music outlet, no speakers, nothing!
It doesn’t make sense, so I carefully meditate on it, staring into the abyss, and I keep hearing the music loud and louder. I’m in a bathroom stall of my own home, where everyone is asleep still and there aren’t any electronics on. Just me and my toilet.

So I listen to the music. WOW it is sooo strange. I hear like 7 different singers, in different range styles: a tenor voice, soprano, baritone voice. All different, yet shares the same tone. And I hear a huge crowd of people in the background making clap noises, whistling, cheering, the crowd sounds like there were 50 million people there. I hear the clashes of drums and cymbals, and guitar distortion. It sounded just like jesus culture hillsong united kari jobe desperation band and steffany frizzell misty Edwards all mixed into one yoke. And then I heard the singers prophetic singing, speaking in tongue, this whole thing went on for 20min. it was the strangest audible thing ive ever come across.

And then an hour later, I started seeing smokiness in my home. The sunlight beamed through my homes windows, and it created an effervescent wonder. I saw it. It was UNREAL. I have never bore witness to that ever in my entire life! WOW! The smoke was inside the beam of light, the smoke was slowly forming into some kind of silhouette of a person. SO STRANGE man.

Anyways just wanted to share that with you.

It was def a cool experience.

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