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Children’s Equipping Ministry: The Wakizashi Program & The 7 Lights of the Prizm.

Adults judge children as inferior beings of no skill. Because they lack experience & appearance is small in size with a pre-conceived notion that children have an undeveloped comprehension for delivering objectives.

See I really do not like this perspective that adults have for children. It is unhealthy, bias, and stupid. Being a teacher in the past, working with children as I have a proven work record to show for it. Just being around children taught me that, adults are stupid and children actually are capable of being the best leaders in the world, it’s just that adults overlook it because based on their small size and innocent abilities. Which is why the world today: there is no REAL “mentoring” anymore, just “baby-sitting” & “entertaining”. This is why I am so passionate about children’s ministry. After being educated from a seminar provided by International House of Prayer. I never realized that a real church (organic bride of Christ) exists through the first source which is CHILDREN’s MINISTRY! It does not start with the adults, em, elders, congregation, or youth. Now starting to see my surroundings, that children’s ministry has become more of a baby-sitter nursery and entertainment center, rather than trying to educate children biblical foundations. See, it’s like this, children are meant to be leaders, they have it inside of them. You gotta stop looking at them from the appearance, and start visualizing yourself through recollecting how your own childhood was like. Try to remember back to the times when you were a child, what were you like when you were a child? What were your gifts and what did you want to pursue? I remember A LOT when I was a kid.  I remember that I was ALWAYS being overlooked, controlled, babysitted, entertained, rather than being MENTORED like I should have been. Child education back then was wack. Child education now is AWESOME! In public schools, they emphasize correct child development from all the psychologists and educators now knowing what is a great education for a child. BUT Children’s ministry doesn’t emphasize this same aspect now today, it’s overlooked again! The only real great children’s ministry is the Children’s Equipping Center which is part of International House of Prayer. Because the entire approach shifted the paradigm of entertaining & baby-sitting into more EQUIPPING our little ones into  becoming WARRIORS of CHRIST!

You gotta think, that children are not functioned to be these little “awww cute” products that adults judge. Children are actually designed to be ZEALOT SOLDIERS! Think of them as NINJAS preparing for Battle.

And this is where it motivated me to create a training curriculum designed for children’s equipping ministry, youth group, and fitness. I call it: THE 7 LIGHTS of the PRIZM.
I have actually been trying to create this curriculum designed just for fitness since 2006. Nothing made much sense after 2011, because now realizing it was self vain. Now returning back to finishing the finalized edits of my made up curriculum. Because now I am including God’s will into it and also realizing that this curriculum is not just designed for fitness, but to also equip children and youth to become future intercessors, evangelists, leaders. Which is why there’s a finalized report of explanation of the terminology name.

“7” is the represented symbolic number of Christ, at the same time it is the seven aspects and stages of progression in equipping.
“Lights” is the represented symbolic concept of Truth. Light shows truth in the dark valleys. At the same time, it is the symbolic concept for being the facets of a diamond.
Now Diamonds is a gem of royalty. Royalty is given to the anointed princes and princesses, who is appointed by the King, and the king is the lion of zion. And the King is God.
and also the lights is the facet and perspective spectrum of a Prizm.
The “Prizm” represents the entire curriculum of this teaching process. At the same time, a prizm is in the shape of a triangle. A triangle is a trinity shape. And trinity is God, Holy Spirit, and Jesus.

So now you know. The Prizm is the center of the curriculum.
The 7 Lights is the different stages from the center of the curriculum.

Now this curriculum can only make sense if it’s included into the program which I also been trying to finalize since 2006. This program is called the: WAKIZASHI.
Now wakizashi has a deep profound philosophy idea approach behind it.
Wakizashi is actually a hidden/concealed secondary samurai sword, that only the shinobi, or kuniochi, or ronin samurai used in battle if their main sword (katana or ninjato) was useless.
(By the way I’ve been studying the ninja/samurai for almost 5yrs+, im very much interested in the ancient japan arts, as my own family’s dynasty history were also ninjas back then. I am the 55th generation. As I’ve seen in family tree, it predates back to when we were ninjas disguised as farmer peasants. Who carried on a meekness and humble approach to life, not trying to seek attention.)

Now I chose the wakizashi because it has 7 sides to the sword.
The 7 stages in my curriculum (7 Lights of Prizm).
Stage 1: Body
Stage 2: Mind
Stage 3: Soul
Stage 4: Heart
Stage 5: Spirit
Stage 6: Fellowship
Stage 7: God
and then the Syntax: Mission.

The wakizashi has all these 7 principals.
The wakizashi is the body, because it’s steel is hard as a rock, and strong and flexible.
It is the Mind, because the strategies and analysis can be battle techniques to know the enemy.
it is the soul, because the sword itself is it’s own personality and character.
it is the heart, because the weapon is a balance and trained to control emotions.
it is the spirit, because the aura energy it emits light of truth.
it is the fellowship, because the bond of the sword creates intercession of peace.
it glorifies God, because it is the weapon for His anointed prince, soldier of Christ.
It is the syntax, because it carries out the mission to fight and prepare straight paths in this chaotic warzone.

It is hidden/concealed, as believer should be, not to hide ourselves of insecurity or afraid of being judged, but hide as the shinobi, to be prototypes of humility and meekness.
I chose the wakizashi, because we are born to be a servant of the King. A servant for battle. And as His servant, we are to be a WEAPON in HIM.  A WEAPON OF TRUTH. this weapon is His sword. This weapon is the wakizashi.

So I have a lot to finish editing my program and curriculum. I think when I’m finished, I’m going to introduce this entire program into a book, a workshop, class sessions, camp, personal training program,  and a DVD.

It will launch in 2016.

But for Now I will introduce this program in fitness and children’s ministry camps in 2014/15.