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Zelos: Stage 1

Body (Physicality).


The Body

is the most basic and fundamental area to be the King’s retinue.
It is the prime channel for warrior training.
In order for ourselves to be a beacon of light recognized in the eyes of our Abba Father, we have to turn our bodies into a temple of not only just worship, but practice, discipline, dedication, commitment.
It is through the art of fitness or any exercise field that we can learn how to channel our souls towards spiritual mediation.
spiritual mediation is one of the construct activities to activate a personal relationship with God.
and this is how we do it, through the first building block that is known as the body; the physical element, physicality.

Workout the Body, Keep the body strong, in order to reach the next level of understanding and for warriors journey, which can be the other areas: the mind, the spirit, the soul, the heart, the fellowship, and God.
But before you jump right into it, you have to focus on the body first.

Summer 2013 training focus:
A.) FLYING: kicks & flips
B.) ROLLS: ninja
C.) FOUNDATION: footwork & math

1.) Kicks Focus: Muay Thai, Capoeira, TaeKwonDo, Karate.
*to prepare for flying (tricking).
2.) Parkour Focus: Movement, Kinesthesia, Proprioception, Rolls Training.
*to prepare for ninja movements.
3.) Basic Flips: Beginner Tricks (Front Tuck, Back Tuck, Aerial, Front Handspring, Back Handspring, Cartwheels, 540)
*to prepare for air awareness with gravity.
4.) Footwork: Boxing & Bboy
*to prepare foundation.
5.) Math: Boxing & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
*to prepare for strategy.


Summer 2013 workout focus:
A.) LEGS: strength & vertical
B.) STAMINA: endurance & oxygen

1.) SQUATS: Thighs, Legs, Calves, Hiking.
*to prepare for tricking & parkour.
2.) Plyometrics
*to prepare for tricking.
3.) Cardio: Boxing, Running.
*to prepare for endurance.
4.) Breath Control: Swimming.
*to prepare for lung capacity.


Summer 2013 nutrition focus:

1.) Raw Vegan: 80% Raw, 20% Cooked.


Stage 2 (Mind), Stage 3 (Spirit), Stage 4 (Soul), Stage 5 (Emotions), Stage 6 (Fellowship), Stage 7 (God).

Zelos Ministry

it is final. I’m going to start a ministry in warrior training. It will launch some time next year 2014/2015, as soon as Garrett gets back from China. 
This incredible 13 month journey has led me to finally realize/figure out what God has called me to do. 

curriculum includes:
+7 Gems Core Principals.
+Fitness, Wellness, Health, Nutrition.
+Beacon channeling, combat tactics, Preparation.
+Sword of truth: God’s Retinue’s training.

Why?: To prep soldiers for battle. To provide sword & armor. To help sharpen blades & channel His zeal that consumes the house.

Who?: for everyone. everyone is a ninja in training. There are many different types of warriors, but we are all destined for one purpose, to fight as one body. 

What?: Training grounds for warrior in battle mentality & preparation. 
This is not a church, not a missions, it is a ministry that helps strengthen soldiers of Christ through physical, mental, spiritual areas. 

I cannot teach you, I can only provide you the armor & sword. God has already made you his soldier, He has already given you your path, the ultimate guidance is through Christ, and I can only motivate or train your weaponry, so that you may find what God has called you to be.
In no way am i here to use the word and try to conform you into the “way”, everyone has a different purpose and designed individually recognized in Abba’s eyes. I can only help sharpen your blade & strengthen your muscles & war tactics for battle comrade.
It is through this ministry. Over the years, I’ve taken all kinds of training programs & education (MMA, Yoga, Dance, SERE, Hagakure, Ninja, Samurai, Nutrition, etc.) and the only thing that fuels the fight is to have a God-centered mentality. To fight as the King’s retinue.