Zelos Ministry

it is final. I’m going to start a ministry in warrior training. It will launch some time next year 2014/2015, as soon as Garrett gets back from China. 
This incredible 13 month journey has led me to finally realize/figure out what God has called me to do. 

curriculum includes:
+7 Gems Core Principals.
+Fitness, Wellness, Health, Nutrition.
+Beacon channeling, combat tactics, Preparation.
+Sword of truth: God’s Retinue’s training.

Why?: To prep soldiers for battle. To provide sword & armor. To help sharpen blades & channel His zeal that consumes the house.

Who?: for everyone. everyone is a ninja in training. There are many different types of warriors, but we are all destined for one purpose, to fight as one body. 

What?: Training grounds for warrior in battle mentality & preparation. 
This is not a church, not a missions, it is a ministry that helps strengthen soldiers of Christ through physical, mental, spiritual areas. 

I cannot teach you, I can only provide you the armor & sword. God has already made you his soldier, He has already given you your path, the ultimate guidance is through Christ, and I can only motivate or train your weaponry, so that you may find what God has called you to be.
In no way am i here to use the word and try to conform you into the “way”, everyone has a different purpose and designed individually recognized in Abba’s eyes. I can only help sharpen your blade & strengthen your muscles & war tactics for battle comrade.
It is through this ministry. Over the years, I’ve taken all kinds of training programs & education (MMA, Yoga, Dance, SERE, Hagakure, Ninja, Samurai, Nutrition, etc.) and the only thing that fuels the fight is to have a God-centered mentality. To fight as the King’s retinue.

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