Identifications #2: QUIT vs WIN


No one will understand what you’re going through. You will always be misunderstood. No one will understand what pain or suffering you are going through.
No one! Only You know! Only you understand it.

But that doesn’t give you the hall pass to stay in that mentality forever.
Do something about it!
If you know what your worth then Go get out there if you know what your worth!
In order for you to get out that hardship, you gotta take that step to get there!
FACT IS: You will fail, you will experience more pain, you will fall hard, you will suffer!


But the moment you quit, the moment you give up, the moment you start pointing fingers, the moment you start pointing faults at one another, the moment you start blaming other people or events or things because you don’t wanna be where you wanna be, the moment you start dwelling on the past and you make that as a product of your cause in the present, the moment you start complaining, The moment you say you cant do it.
You will not get to where you wanna be, You will not get to where you wanna live in your dream and your vision what you’ve always envisioned or day dreamed about.
CANT is NOT an option!
It’s called ENDURING.

You have to BELIEVE in yourself!
The moment you start believing in what other people say, the moment you start listening to what other people say you CANT do.
You will never accomplish your goals!

It’s hard. I know it! Life is HARD.
If life was easy, we wouldn’t stay motivated to pursue our dreams, we’d take things for granted and live in laziness.
To be Frank, if you live in negativity,
It’s either 3 reasons:
1.) Your pride has consumed you.
2.) You stopped believing in yourself.
3.) You’re immature and you continue to stay in immaturity.

Always keep your head up.
Fear and Pain is a product of the enemy to make you QUIT.
Don’t listen to the enemy, the enemy is a sore loser.

“Nothing is as bad as it is”-Alex Lim (US Marine Corps Officer)

It’s our emotions & imagination that makes everything seem that bad.
It’s all an ILLUSION. It’s a trick of the enemy. The enemy is the master of tricks.
But the moment we fall for his tricks, that’s the moment where we will give up.

You gotta DISCERN. You gotta take a PAUSE for a moment and IDENTIFY and ASSESS and MEDITATE and THINK about your obstacles and why are you being affected by the negative energy.
STAY AWARE of your surroundings.
If your environment is leading into a destructive lifestyle.
If the people you associate with is influencing yourself to become negative, to become miserable, to become depressed, to be a complainer, to argue, to point fingers, to give up.
Then you gotta STOP seeing them. You gotta ESCAPE that atmosphere and put yourself in the GOOD ATMOSPHERE. You gotta put a HALT in your negative clique, and surround yourself with good people. People you know that will become a good influence, people you know that will help you, people you know who will motivate you, people you know who will encourage you, people you know who will enable positivity.

If you feel bad for leaving your old friends to find better friends. That’s just part of the method to become positive.
In life you will end friendships and start new ones.
That’s just a part of life.
But it’s all about making that DECISION! For  you and your future!
Do you still want to continue being the negative person you are? Do you still want to live in that box forever for the rest of your life? Do you still want to keep pointing fingers, dwelling on the past, complaining, arguing, fighting, live in drama bullshit?
Its up to you!
This is for YOU! Your life DEPENDS on it!
DECIDE where you wanna be.



if you still continue to live in what you think no one understands you.
Then that just means that is an ENABLER to live in IMMATURITY.
and you will LACK SELF CONTROL.

Maturity & Self Control only exists when HUMILITY becomes the KEY TOOL.

It’s great to stay motivated, but the moment you let your PRIDE consume you, you become a product of what the enemy wants you to be.

King David & Solomon were both thinking of committing suicide, because of all the hardships they went through. They were sick and tired of all the pain, and we’re going to give into quitting.
Jonah was afraid, He was afraid to take a step, he was afraid to make a decision.
Joseph lived life in PRISON. But do you think he gave up?
Don’t think you are the only one who is exhausted of how much suffering you’re going through and you want to give up.

Many people have gone through the turmoil many centuries ago.

Look at these guys. They have NO LIMBS. But do you think that makes an excuse for them to give up?
Do you think because of their disability they have the right to point fingers, dwell on the past, complain, and quit?
Be grateful that you actually HAVE LIMBS.

Here’s a Joseph motivational advice by Pastor Bill Johnson Bethel sermons.
Joseph spent his life in prison, which eventually he spent his life in a palace from the Egyptians.
If you put a person with a palace mentality inside a prison, he will live in a palace.
But if you put a person with a prison mentality inside a palace, he will make his environment as a prison.
Here’s a testimony from me.
There have been many a times, where I thought about killing myself, because I wasn’t living my dreams, because I was miserable, because I hated how hard life was.
Then I prayed about it, What God told me is that “LIFE IS A GIFT.
You only live once.”
Be grateful that you’re still alive.
Most people out there die within the next day, Appreciate the fact that you’re still on earth.

You think Michael Jackson or Michael Jordan became who they are instantly?
No. They failed everyday, They were rejected all the time. But they didn’t become who they are today if they didnt endure through all the battling they had to go through to make it in life.

Ashton Kutcher talks about How you gotta start small, take one step at a time, take the smallest steps in order to pursue you BIG dream.
and of all the crap he had to go through in his first small steps, such as working for low end jobs like sweeping the floor, do you think he complained about it?
No. He kept on pursuing his goal.

it is so easy to stay negative, be miserable, blame people, become annoyed, point fingers, point faults at each other, argue, provoke, dwell on the past, condescend, and especially complain.

you really gotta take a pause for a moment and be aware of how you’re acting as well with your mentality on life.
if you surround yourself with negative people or people who keep complaining or a destructive lifestyle that’s making no efforts of trying to stay positive, then obviously it will have a bad influence on your attitude on life & destroy your soul, as well.
you really gotta leave that kind of environment, it just aint good for you.
ya just gotta appreciate the little things in life of whats right in front of ya.

Where you are is TEMPORARY. You will not be there for the rest of your life!

People will CRITICIZE you constantly! But the minute you start listening to them, you will LOSE.
It’s important to listen to your heart, it’s not suggested, but it’s also good to listen to other’s discernment to take into consideration.

To be HAPPY:

FAITH is in yourself. But Faith cannot just be believed in yourself, but inspired through Jesus. Walking faithfully with God helps RESTORE FAITH in yourself.
We will not know our true calling in life if God isn’t there to make us see.

No one is going to help you get to where you wanna be! You gotta do that yourself!
And it takes FAITH to get there!




You gotta take SMALL BABY STEPS first!


The biggest enemy is yourself.
“If there is no enemy within yourself, the enemy outside can do us no harm”-African Proverb.

There is no such thing as waiting for the “PERFECT” moment.
Being PERFECT does not EXIST.
There is no reason to try and figure out everything on your own, there is no reason to try and figure out the “perfect” plan to get there.
Everything will start happening the way you wanted it to, IF you first make that STEP to get there!
It’s pointless to wait and think about which route is the “perfect” way to do it, because the route is not at all “perfect”!
The main reason why we try to plan the “perfect” route is because we are SCARED of FAILURE.
It’s better to start now, because you will face failure anyways.
If we don’t face failure or rejection, then we won’t be able to LEARN anything from it and if we don’t learn anything, then we wont be able to GROW and become the future person we want to be. We will never learn how to become successful in life if we don’t meet FAILURE.
Being Perfect is a LIE & an ILLUSION.

If you’re not pursuing your goal, you’re committing SPIRITUAL SUICIDE.

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