1.) the bible is my navigation. 
2.) silence is my friend.
3.) the holy spirit is my gps.
4.) pain, stress, struggle is an illusion.
5.) anxious, nervous, emotions, fear, quick tongue are tricks of the enemy.
6.) the Lord is guidance. 
7.) pride destroys man. 
8.) service is maturity.
9.) love heals & liberates. 
10.) be still, sober, clean the temple, think clear, empty your mind. 
11.) not perceive but receive! 
12.) submit to authority is humility
13.) marriage is to sacrifice your life to create a life for your wife. do not marry for your own success & desires, but marry her for what she wants and her needs. think of her before yourself. 
14.) family is all you have left that reminds you of your beginning. you can pick your friends, but you cant pick family. appreciate & cherish every minute with them. blood is thicker than water. 
15.) call thyself mature, you stay immature. call thyself immature, you actually mature. 
16.) acknowledging your wrongs actually make you right.// accepting defeat is victory. 
17.) boys complain, men stay quiet.
18.) cowards point fingers. champions fail every day but never give up. 
19.) there are so many options and diff routes but in the end, its all about what you want. if you know what you’re worth, then go out there and get what you’re worth. if you know how God sees you, then go out there and show people how God sees you as. 
20.) your heart is your identity. its where your heart lies that speak your identity. 
21.) life is too short to hold grudges.
22.) never be black & white. 
too focus on the future will motivate but forgetful to appreciate what’s in front of you. too much focus on the present will help appreciate time now yet no motivation for tomorrow. dwelling on the past destroys the present, yet the past is your identity.

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