We cant help others, if we haven’t helped ourselves first.


We cant help others, if we haven’t helped ourselves first.

Yes that is obviously true. However there are 2 ways to help ourselves.

1.)    Help myself first, before I help others.

2.)   By helping others first, it will help myself too.

What do I mean by #2 way?
It’s called to SERVE.

By not thinking of ourselves, not being selfish, through serving others on a consistent basis, to put people first before our own needs, it will help us grow.

However, You cant be black and white about this neither.
It’s best to use both options to help yourself.

If you do #2, you will learn how to be mature and patient. But if you don’t take anytime for yourself to Discern, then you wont be able to know what steps do you need to take to pursue that goal.

If you do #1, you will know how to help yourself, but you will also live in pride and be afraid to make commitments and failure, because you’re so stuck on trying to become PERFECT.


There is no such thing as waiting for the “PERFECT” moment.
Being PERFECT does not EXIST.
There is no reason to try and figure out everything on your own, there is no reason to try and figure out the “perfect” plan to get there.
Everything will start happening the way you wanted it to, IF you first make that STEP to get there!
It’s pointless to wait and think about which route is the “perfect” way to do it, because the route is not at all “perfect”!
The main reason why we try to plan the “perfect” route is because we are SCARED of FAILURE.
It’s better to start now, because you will face failure anyways.
If we don’t face failure or rejection, then we won’t be able to LEARN anything from it and if we don’t learn anything, then we wont be able to GROW and become the future person we want to be. We will never learn how to become successful in life if we don’t meet FAILURE.
Being Perfect is a LIE & an ILLUSION.


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