how to know what your calling is?

how to know what your calling is?

the long walk, & if it speaks to you in conviction.

its not about what you want to do, its about what He’s called you to do.
Jonah did not want to go save the people, But its out of fear.
God chose him anyways.

my calling is training, motivator, dance, identifier.

& I use these 4 things in these areas:
#1 The Identifier:
I have the gift of perception, i have the ability to identify all aspects of the spectrum, in much discernment.
As an Identifier, I use this calling into the area of Teaching. The best way i give teachings is through Multimedia Platform such as: Video Production, Filmmaking, Graphics.
The human comprehension needs images in order to make sense of things in a logical organized fashion. Therefore it is through visual imagery which is the best way to give a method of teaching in order for the audience to truly understand where my perspective is coming from. Writing & Preaching can only do so much 5% damage, whereas Video does a LOT more.
My Identifier ability has also developed my writing skills up the ante and developed my discernment skills, where I am qualified to become a Christian Apologist too.

#2 The Motivator:
I have the gift of motivating others, because my entire walk has too many testimonies, I have gone through so many ups and downs that i have used the Identifier ability to identify what is bad and what is good and how to motivate myself to get out and pursue my dreams. I can use what I applied on my self to help motivate others, because to get to where I am now, took passion, and i can use my passion in the present to help others. Passion is what helps become a great key asset in motivating others. I can use my motivational speaking skill into serving in ministry in EM & YOUTH/ COLLEGE.
I can see how I could be a speaker for a youth retreat, my passionate motivational speaking could encourage many.

#3 The Trainer:
Through my Motivator ability, I used this to develop into also a Trainer.
Where I’ve discovered the 7 gems to proceed into training and becoming a MAN OF GOD & A SOLDIER IN CHRIST.
MIND, BODY, SPIRIT, make those strong.
I can use this ability to serve in Personal Training/ Physical Fitness Exercise/ Coach, or a Fitness Ministry.

#4 Dance
Dance helps signify where I landed into the training aspect.
I  wouldnt be training for something in particular if there wasnt any sort of physical goal i wanted to pursue. And that was Dance.
Through Dance I can use this as a STREET OUTREACH for MISSIONS.
Through creating Dance Theatrical Performances, I can use this as another sermon message or outreach for the youth/college/em.



All these areas make sense that it could all be led into one thing in particular.
To be a Pastor.

However, I’m afraid of making that commitment, because of the huge responsibility.
Therefore, I’m taking it one step at a time, baby steps.
Let me just focus on serving ministry as a leader.


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