life is an OXYMORON

did u kno that life is one BIG oxymoron?

when you stop liking girls, girls want you.
when you say you’re immature, you’re maturing.
when you say you’re stupid, you’re becoming wise.
when you say you’re humble, you’re actually prideful.
when you make small steps, you make big changes.
when you make big steps, you make small changes.
when you hate someone, you actually love them.
when theyre your enemies, theyre actually your best friends.
when someone’s angry at you, they actually care about you.
when we’re craving sweets, we’re actually thirsting water.
when we accept defeat, we’re actually beginning to succeed.
when we refuse to admit our wrongs, we stay immature.
when we admit our wrongs, we mature.
when you point fingers, you’re actually pointing at yourself.
when you’re fighting, you’re actually fighting yourself.
when you do bad, you learn how to do good.
when you do good, you imagine what its like to do bad.
when you stop chasing after happiness, happiness comes.
when you pursue dreams, you’re fearless.
when you’re transparent, you’re free.

the meaning of life is to SERVE.
referenced by King Solomon who wrote the book of Ecclesiastes which shows us what the true meaning of life really is.

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