Advice for Healing

advice for those seeking healing:

everyone needs healing, even myself. healing is very good for your soul, cuz healing breaks you free from the prison. its the deep wounds that need healing, not just scrapes or simple scratches, bruises. 
but before you submit yourself into any healing whether it be a healing ministry or therapy. i highly advise anyone to create a vortex for you to carefully observe and assess your behavior, actions, character, habits, attitude, mentality, perception, and values. make sure to write everything down in a private journal, helps to identify whats going on that you’re not even aware of. what could make a stronger impact is if you video record yourself in a day to day of social interaction/ conversation. then you can really see how you present yourself being portrayed in the third person perspective. this assessment can take either 3-6months or even a year at most. it just depends how deep your wounds are and how much time you spend on the measure of discernment. i highly recommend to live 60% more solitaire & 40% social. being anti social hermit doesnt help at all. we need people in order to find out things about ourselves we are blind to. but at the same time we need a lot of alone time to help meditate on barriers.
most of what blinds us to identify our scars is our self pride. never a good idea for self assessment to do on your own, you need Jesus, God makes everything possible, prayer helps. never rush into finishing assessment, patience and great understanding. be thorough bred. make sure to assess what your wounds influence you to do, & identify what you want to achieve and be. carry your notepad everywhere u go, a pocket notebook is recommended. writing things down is so helpful, if u want to be more helpful, make several power point presentations only for yourself. do this assessment always and remember to make sure to engage community and surround yourself around good stature like church or small group. once after you finish writing your assessment, then go into a healing ministry.

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