Commitment Part Deux

Commitment Part One:

If the congregation within your church is lacking self control and persuades into sensitivity.
That means the congregation is less grounded in the foundation & more into the spirit.
Not that there is anything wrong with that, however it’s not our job to point faults at what we think our church lacks.
Because in thinking so, that also means to think of yourself as SELF RIGHTEOUS & pride.

There are churches that focus on the emphasis of the doctrine, making their church very focused grounded in the biblical foundation, but at the same time without the balance of spirit then there is no way of becoming open minded or loving.

That’s why there is no such thing as a “better” or “perfect” church.
All churches focus on each one individual area they prefer to focus on. Not one area is better than the other.

For example:
New Song Church, the church I’m going to now and will be going to within the next 5 years or so.
lacks in biblical foundation and doctrines, because of this, they focus on the spirit, gifts, and divinity more.
Whereas the other church that i thought about going to as a second option was Novahop.
Now novahop isnt really a church, they just have sunday service, it’s actually a mission base not a church.
However because that novahop is still very new, it’s also very controlled, with a strong control overseeing the logistics of their establishment. Why do they put an emphasis on control? because it’s very new and they want to make sure they live up to their vision and mission statement as to what is their core beliefs.

The main core beliefs is what helps navigate an organization become what they are. Without a strong focus on the priority beliefs, then an organization will crumble, not having any true grit.

Althought a person who is just starting to mature into the beginning stages of a sheep or a baby christian, i feel that novahop is not the church for them. I feel that to really be apart of Novahop, one must be very mature and professional.
I am not there yet, that’s why I dont think where I’m at now in my path of life, or stage, that Novahop is right for me yet.

There was a time in my life 8 months ago, I stopped going to NewSong, because i thought it lacked foundation and too swaying like flags in the spirit.

But now that i see, because of my focus on the church’s faults, it was making me only seek out to find a church out on my own self interests of what i think a church “should” have or not. Therefore that was making me selfish and immature.

But now that i see that a church isnt here to be geared for your selfish desires of wants and needs.
A church is there so you can be part of a family, and to grow into communal bond with community to celebrate one thing only, your wedding with the bridegroom.

That’s when I realized what i was looking for in NewSong, where it lacked biblical foundation, the problem wasnt the church that’s not bridling it. The problem was me! If i think that the church was lacking in that area, it wasnt the church’s fault, it was mine! It was my responsibility to bridle biblical foundation pertaining to MY WALK.

Novahop is a great place to have church. However because Novahop is still new, they are not open right now to creating new ministries or pursue into what you want to help them with.

That’s why I’ve identified that there was a reason why back in May 2013, why did God lead me to meet the small group leader in the men’s restroom on the first day? Why did God want me to meet the other small group leaders who are my friends today? Why did God send me an email about a welcoming invitation to a new dance ministry happening at the church? Why did i meet other dancers and artists that all share a common interest with me in the arts? Why did I start playing my ukulele all of a sudden? Why did i go on that winter trip with one of the fellow small group leaders for a whole week? Why do I seem to have more chemistry with my small group than any other church i’ve ever known? Why do the Youth Group leaders be kind to me when they know little about me? Why are people at NewSong so kind?

You wanna know why? Because this was a reason why God transitioned me from my old church Crossover Community Church to NewSong.

Newsong has a ministry for the arts.
And for a long time (7years), i even prayed about trying to join a dance ministry in the region.
I also been trying to meet other artists, dancers, musicians, filmmakers, actors, creatives, entrepreneurs for the kingdom lifestyle.

Little did i know, now after realizing, it was right underneath my nose.
That’s the real reason why I returned to NS.
Sure it’s a benefit to practice my gifts into serving ministry.
But the main priority is because that I’ve already established a 2 year relationship grounds with my small group.
They have become my new home and main clique.

Now I have to return because its now not about me, but COMMITMENT.


I’ve also visited other churches before coming to NewSong, such as Koinos Young Saeng Presbyterian Church, Open Door Presbyterian Church, Korean Central Presbyterian Church, The Gate Wholeword Fellowship Church, First Korean Presbyterian Church of Virginia, Full Gospel, Virginia Korean Baptist Church, New Light United Methodist Church, Korean United Methodist Church, Mclean Bible Church Tysons, Church For All Nations, .
All those churches are great. They all are focusing on their specific core beliefs.

If you put knowledge as your primary, then go to KYSPC, KCPC, ODPC, FKPCV, MBC Tysons.
If you put missions as your primary objective, then go to the methodists.
If you have forerunning as your primary, then go to the baptists.
If you have giftings as your primary, then go to the pentecost.
No church is perfect, no church is better than the other. It’s not the system that needs to change, it’s you.

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