How to change

those who are attracted to the flesh, stay to desire flesh.
those who are attracted to the spirit, hungry to break away from the flesh.

When we crave to be healthy or crave God
We change our perception, psychology, mentality, self, soul, behavior, character, values, habits, actions, thoughts, words, attitude.

But if we dont crave God or crave to not be healthy.
We stay the way we are and we always complain, immature, point fingers, point blame, point faults, arrogant, ignorant, pride, loneliness.

It’s all about you. What do you wanna do? What do you wanna be?

Do you want popularity? Do you want a girlfriend? Do you want new friends? Do you want success? Do you want to be liked?
If you want all these things, then you need to identify what’s keep you back, and what is good for you.
After much discernment, then you gotta take that FIRST STEP into the solution.

Do you wanna be complaining, dwelling, arguing, fighting, depression, arrogant, loneliness for the rest of your life?


DO something about it!

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