Identify before Offense

if people say mean things to you.
it could mean 4 things:
1.) they are having a bad day or just frustrated.
2.) they lack proper communication etiquette, (might be best to get schooling.)
3.) they’re immature. (not fully grown yet, give them time to grow through patience & understanding.)
4.) theyre drunk on emotions.

there is no such thing as a bad person, we only are mean to each other because
70% is emotional testimony, 15% is purgery. 

the Holy spirit revealed to me that deep down everyone is actually a good nice kind person. its just the thick layered visade that confuses our judgement of character.
& sometimes it can also be either our pride or the wounds that become roadblocks to reacting normal.

You have to identify things before you take offense.

it’s never a good idea to speak when frustrated.

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