Identifying Servants: Knowledge VS Service

knowledge, education, age, or credentials doesnt give the authority. its the experience of servanthood that does. (age doesnt give authority either, for even a 27 year old can be as immature as a 13 year old & a 21 year old can be as mature as a 30 yr old. the disciples in John the Baptist’s ministry who willingly served in the desert were only 14 yr olds, and the virgin Mary discipled was also a 14 yr old. age isnt a legal perimeter.) however it doesnt mean that they’re perfect either but it does give the validation for the shepherd to tend the sheep and the sheep to tend the lamb. those who’ve walked the walk in servitude has the authority. for it is folly if the lamb tends the sheep or the lamb seeks mentorship from another lamb.

servanthood is granted to those with a willingness to think of others first before thinking of yourself, its not granted to those seeking status or self gain or to feel self significant. it doesnt validate those with knowledge, education, credits either. its validated by your mature heart. this is what qualifies a leader.
however, God doesnt call the qualified, He qualifies the called! Although many are called, but few are chosen. Those chosen are those willing to serve others before themselves!

a pompous leader is a fool in insecure leadership. to empower without reason or fueled by materialistic appearance. a true leader is a friend, noble minded, loyalty, and a servant. not the other way around who thinks himself higher than mountains and squash you like ants if he despises your growth.

with all this said, this is not judging others but its a matter of discernment. to identify elements in thorough assessment.
steer away from those who give false mentoring, but at the same time keep them as friends for it can also be beneficiary in cultivating “love thy neighbor”. and seek servants as your accountability & guidance source for growth.
i am not a rabbi, im only a fool who writes this to myself for my own growth. dont follow me, follow Christ.

its about volunteering.

to really engage in community, volunteering helps u to get involved & support.

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