theres a reason why u meet the people u meet in life, for they are there to teach you and grow you.
now upon learning this, dont take offense for when people give you words.
do not be so quick to respond, instead sit on it and soak into it.
know that what they say to you will make sense for you in the future, maybe not now. which is why its better to be still and receive.
than to think that your a know it all and judge too quickly to think their advice to you doesnt speak to you bc youve been through it already before.
that’s arrogance/immaturity.

stay quiet. dont jump. chill. dont take offense. be still. patience. understanding. sit and soak. meditate/ discern. respond weeks later.

for words may not speak to you now, but it will speak to you in the future.

to take offense defines your wounds. dont still stay in your wounds. receiving it without argumentive restores healing. seeking approval of others is living in the wounds. by not caring to seek approval of others is not responding to the influence of the wounds.
living in the wounds is like responding to the enemy’s attacks.

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