Process & Authority Validation

process of sin

i encourage everyone to challenge the word in order to process immaturity into maturity. this is not to encourage blasphemy or heresy but to act as a catalyst navigator to better know the reasons on why things are the way they are.

i encourage those who know their sin, to commit sin as a way to understand the science of sin’s affects on the spiritual behavior and results of what harm it can have on our walks. this is not to encourage us to walk more away from God but to help us understand the choices we make that either can be positive or negative in our walks.
we must always repent after we sin or respond to the holy spirit in order for us to learn the nature of sin.

anygirl can be wife material. but only few can be mother material. the game only teaches you how to get girls who stay in immaturity and foolishness.
those girls can never be a mother to your children.
only approach women if you think of them as your sister or someone you like.

but to continue to delight in women for casual seduction u will stay stuck in immaturity and foolishness.

thoughts to words to actions to behavior to habits to character to values to destiny.
your character speaks who you are and maturity level.

for its better for a woman to seek accountability in female servants and leaders in ministry rather than those who dont. and if its going to men then it should be men who are serving in ministry, not followers of ministry.

anyone whos walked in servantry can be a mentor, its not just about being persistent and mature. to be a great mentor you have to have these important 3 elements:
1.) patience, 2.) understanding, 3.) communicate effectively.
for the mentors in our generation are the elders, but there are many mentors who lack these 3 things especially in communicating effectively. what do i mean by effective communication? i mean by breaking down things in the most analysed and logical reasoning for the young ones to understand.
for example: if a mentor tells the apprentice to go to a seminar without breaking down the reason in conceptual learning. the kid will not truly self identify why he must go. this can unfortunately deter the process of assessment for him to identify the reasons why.
however this is not to encourage pointing the blame at the mentors who lack these tools, for no one is perfect. but as the sheep we must submit to the shepherd, and do not look to the shepherd to make him get us to register in our comprehension effectively, but we rely on the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the character of Jesus, the authority of God, the bible, and to keep perservering in maturing our christian individualized walk to help us better understand effectively.

people confuse my role for leadership or pastor based on the wisdom i speak, but im neither. im an identifier, my gift is perception. i have the gift to identify things effectively through perceiving areas in multiple dimensions of analysing. im not a catalyst, but i am an advocate. the person who speaks in front of thousands to give a teaching on identifications. neither am i a teacher, i am a communicator. some of these roles for example is Anderson Cooper, broadcast journalist, or public relations, or spokesperson, or forerunner, or an Keira Knightley actor. my role isnt a mentor, nor a leader, nor prophet, nor a CEO. i am a representer and a seer. i can see things in a diff light and i use that to help point out identifications to communicate effectively to help people in their journey. an encourager to discernment.
therefore the career fit for me is: journalist, talk show host, mc, vj, or film producer. anything in media communication.

its never a good idea to enter into healing ministry when your struggling with anger and sinned in dead zombie without responding to the spirit and unrepentance. its better to process in assessment and soaking into it. its better to also come to healing when you just repent of ur sins the day before. it helps to clear the mind of anything and be prepared to receiving anything without pride.

from now on if i am immature to you. i strongly suggest you to please tell me what im doing wrong and tell me face to face that im acting immature again. i dont want to go through another year of trying to learn it on my own, took too long to realize this. i wont get upset, & i wont attack you, please stop with the nonverbal discontented stares and just please say something to me and tell me that i am immature. i need to mature, my friends.
although im only validating those who are leaders, mentors serving in ministry that i am giving the authority to say something to me. anyone else who is not in servanthood does not have the authority to speak to me about my actions. i have identified that a lamb cannot tend to another lamb. only a shepherd to a sheep, and a sheep to a lamb.
this is validation to any of the sheep to speak to me.
thank you, i mean it as genuinely.

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