To be in Love takes WORK & TRUST

Relationship takes WORK

It can be difficult, you will argue, you will complain, you will dislike each other’s habits.

But you have to put aside your selfishness, your self interests, your self desires, you self pride in order to be able to be in love and to love your partner.

You have to be able to fully TRUST in your partner, to be completely focused on Him alone, in order to be in love and to love.
Without having God, you will be lost. You wont know what your purpose in life, you wont know what your calling is.

It’s just the same as it is when it applies to your relationship with Christ.

The relationship with your partner is just as the same as walking in the relationship with God.

you have to put aside your selfishness, your self interests, your self desires, you self pride in order to be able to be in love and to love people & God.

You have to be able to fully TRUST in God, to be completely focused on Him alone, in order to be in love and to love.

Without having God, you will be lost. You wont know what your purpose in life, you wont know what your calling is.

That’s why it’s important to SERVE.
SERVE people, SERVE the ministry, SERVE others before your wants/needs, SERVE GOD.

Because when we serve we know how to LOVE, we understand relationship, humility, maturity, nobleness, selflessness, and we know how to be in LOVE.

If we dont serve, and serve ourselves.
It can lead to narcissism, selfishness, ego boost, prideful, arrogance, immaturity, loneliness.

That’s why it’s best to help others rather than helping ourselves:
read here:

Marriage takes COMMITMENT & WORK.
Sure, you can get married because you’re in love with your partner,
But if you stay only with the idea in love just for the point of marriage, it’s not going to work out and will fail.
Love isnt the only medium for marriage to work.
It’s SERVANTHOOD that is.
It takes WORK.

That’s why there’s a high rate of divorces nowadays, because in this new generation we’re facing in, people have become SELFISH.
You cant be in love with a person if she or he is selfish. If one girl is selfish and the man is selfless, it still isnt going to work either.
Both needs to be selfless in order to hold up the foundation.
Think of it like this,
a man and a woman are like pillars holding up a house.
but if one of the pillars decides to just be their own pole, then the house will crumble.
And if one of the pillars are broken, then the house will definitely fall.

That’s why before you get married, you have to identify if either one of the pillars is not broken nor selfish.

It’s the same for Jesus.
The wedding isnt focused on the groom, it’s focused on the bride.
Because it’s all about her.
That’s the same for Jesus relationship, the focus isnt on the Bridegroom, the focus is on YOU who is entering into becoming the BRIDE of CHRIST.

The Wedding is all about YOU. The feast is all about you, the whole event is all about you. the Celebration, Party, Occassion is all about you! The guests are celebrating and praising for you! Not the bridegroom, groom, the whole focus is on YOU.

That’s why Jesus is excited for that day you wed into Him. because He’s always loved you since, and now that you’ve finally entered to become His bride, He’s excited and happy, because the whole concept of the wedding and marriage is not about Jesus, but to have you!

The marriage in a sense of christian walk, is a compared analysis to serving in ministry as a full time career.
Marriage is like being a pastor.
That’s why it’s so hard to be a pastor, and why many pastors jump ship after the bad experiences.
Because being a pastor not only takes work & trust & love, but being RESPONSIBLE & SERVANTHOOD & most imperatively to be
SELFLESS no matter what!

To always HELP people before helping ourselves, that’s why pastors suffer with low income, congregation manipulation, criticism, time schedule, sleep depravity, emotional dehydration, and STRESS.

Because we as individuals are really not meant to serve others, we become emotionally stable when we do things for ourselves.
But at the same time we’re not emotionally content when we do serve ourselves more.
But that’s what makes us more than just an individual with an individualistic idea,
through serving others, we become more than just an individual, we become God’s KNIGHT.
Being a LEADER to lead God’s people takes WORK & LOVE.
You not only have to protect and give guidance and lead them and discernment, but it takes a compassionate passionate burning firey HEART full of desire to do it for other’s HEARTS more than your own heart.

It’s HARD, trust me i know. You just want to QUIT.
No matter how hard you try to help others, you still receive criticism.
That’s why You cant become a PEOPLE PLEASER.

Yes pleasing people is like servantry, however if you approach people in that idea, it will have dentrimental affects on your own life in an enervated way that may deteriorate your soul, where you will start questioning yourself if this is what youre really called to do.
You have to look at it this way,
When you please people, it also means to put people on the highest exalting pedastal, that makes it seem like when you serve them, it’s also like WORSHIPPING PEOPLE.
And when you approach people in a worship delivery, then you’re also making them become a product of an illusion that they have authority over you. And when they do become an authority figure over you, you’re also going to be very offended.
You see, when you know another human being who is just as equal to you are is in the authority control, then you will get hurt because they are as human just as much as you, and they will screw up in life, make many mistakes, because why? they are HUMAN!
They arent perfect, therefore they have no position to be the authority to you.
That’s why you cant view them as your ultimate authority, but look to God as the correct authority.

It’s all about IDENTIFYING who is in the right position, and who isnt. And when you discern that, then you’re aware of the solution.
But always analyze without arrogance.
Make a chart, a graph, power point presentation, meet your peers, whatever! do whatever you can to make logical sense of things to help you realize.

for example:
i bought a justice house of prayer hilltop conference ticket out of generosity to a person i barely talk to, i gave him it, & he rejected and told me i do not want anything whatever it may be from you.
that hurt me at one point, but after realizing this is stupid to be offended, i should accept it and enjoy the rest of my sunday as it was intended.

for it is immature to stay sensitive and take offense.

not everyone is going to accept us. I really want to encourage you to continue your journey of discovery, don’t stop being yourself. I for one have learned from your postings. Your unique perspective is just as divine as anyone else’s…and don’t let anyone tell you differently.

I’ve been told I’m too open, as well, brother. seek to please Jesus, not men, and let Him bless you
Acts 3:26

Jesus first, people second. Not the other way around!
serving people without Jesus as first priority is like serving people to fuel my own pride….leaves you so dry & immature in the end.

the more i put my focus on my neighbor, i stay immature.
& if i put my focus on the J man, i’ll grow in maturity.

You gotta put your focus on God first, and then understand His love, and then you utilize His love to serve His people.
That’s the SOLUTION!
Not the other way around like putting people first, and God last.

“people wont remember what you tell them, they wont remember who you are, but they will remember how you make them feel”-Anonymous

its Jesus that is the navigation force in marketing marriage. a feminist approach cant carry its own, neither a masculinist, it just wouldnt make any sense and its too transparent of any claim therefore what is a shallow redirection is also a secular grasp of concept. God is the center, through God marriage is viable!

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