We don’t use the bible to judge.

Prov 17:20

One whose heart is corrupt does not prosper; one whose tongue is perverse falls into trouble

You dont use the bible to point faults or judge each other or rebuke to expose the wrongs.

That’s not called paying attention, that’s called  being arrogant.

If 100% of the people in the world took the bible to use as a way to point faults, do you think that the church would exist or let alone Christianity? NO.

For that is way too easy to use the bible as a tool to criticize others.

You’re missing the bigger picture here.

If life was handed a bible, then yes obviously of course it would support to point faults/judge.
But that’s what the bible is used for. Because the bible has 5 other tools in order for it to work, and these 5 other things is:
1.) the church
2.) prayer
3.) the walk
4.) Worship
5.) serve

If you dont have the walk included within the bible, then OBVIOUSLY of course it will become an opportunity to give leighway to point faults.

However that isnt the case, plus take for example,
if me as a christian, decides to read the Quaran just for the sake to rebuke muslims based on what i studied the Quaran, without spending time in learning about the islamic religion, without coming outside of my comfort zone to get to know the unknown, without discernment, without involving myself in a small group with other muslims, without trying to get to know the culture of islam and just study only the Quaran. That’s called being arrogant. Because I’m out there on self motives to expose them based on what i’m perceiving.

The bible isnt here to perceive what I think i view in my perspective and perception.

It’s too easy to perceive, anyone can do that.
But that’s where you have to identify your discernment in how you analyze.
Be aware of how we use our mind to process information for true comprehension.


That’s the flaw about the facebook newsfeed. so many people are posting facebook posts.
and TOO MANY are PERCEIVING on what they analyze where the person is coming from, rather than RECEIVING and letting it soak.

The science is as follows:
When you perceive, its not that your exercising your brain.
It’s actually deeper than that, you’re validating rebellion and processing the growth of PRIDE to victimize your growth.

But when you RECEIVE, through reception, we can begin to walk into the walk (and i’m not specifically speaking the walk with the Lord, i’m talking about in general outside of religion based in your life of maturity), and settle and soak into it.
RECEIVING is the initial commencement to spark the beginning of MATURITY to process.

In the bible if it says to rebuke the ones who are doing wrong to expose of faults.
Yes, however that is only a “recommendation”, not a command. Remember key word “recommend”, or “option”, or “choice”. We have the CHOICE to rebuke, but it’s not an ORDER. Dont get that confused!

If we confuse those two things to mean the same thing, that just means when we rebuke its lack of maturation and initiated by our own self PRIDE.

The bible isnt here to judge others, for that would be TOO EASY.
the bible is here to read and judge ourselves. For that’s where the WALK begins.

Prov 17:20

One whose heart is corrupt does not prosper; one whose tongue is perverse falls into trouble

When your tongue is perverse, it means your prideful, arrogant. and if you are only motivated on the self agenda to expose people of their faults by using the bible.
It means 2 things:
1.) You have wounds.
2.) You are immature/ arrogant.

However, If you are also motivated to expose people of their faults.
It means that deep down inside your  heart, psychologically speaking, you YEARN to be LOVED.
but you’re confusing to  be appreciated is through SELF GLORY.
Which can either be a status, fame, success, money, material, or INTELLECTUAL PRIDE.

Yet fact is, when you do reach that goal of being praised for your intelligence, fact is, you’re still miserable.
Even if you are married, you still are LONELY.
Because those things aren’t real love, those things are only an illusion.
MONEY FAME MATERIAL STATUS is not love and what makes you loved or fall in love or to love.
What makes you know love is through Jesus.

Because Jesus has a way for us to be FREE. free to be ourselves,  free to think whatever we want, free to do whatever we want, free without the burden and stress and pressure to be something society wants us to be.

and when we’re free, we are in love.

and nothing else matters when we know love.


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