Types of Leaders in Ministry

Types of Leaders in Ministry:

Now there are different types of leadership positions.
Lowest Rank to Highest Rank:

Accountability Partners, Sheep, Servants, Shepherds, Rabbis, Children’s Assistant Leader, Children Leader, Children’s Associate Pastor, Children’s Pastor, Mentors, Youth Leaders (Youth Worship Leader, Youth Coordinator), Youth Associate Pastor, Youth Pastor, EM/College/Young Adult Leaders, Financial Advisor, Accountant, Logistics Manager, Multimedia Team, Multimedia Director, Intercessor, Outreach Leader, Ministry Director, Worship Leader, Worship Pastor, Small Group Leaders, Associate Pastor, Senior Director, Senior Pastor, Elders.

Now a Youth Pastor may not be qualified to fill a role for leading the mature adults, elderly, or take a position as a Senior Director/ Senior Pastor.

But it doesn’t mean that a Youth Pastor/Youth Leader isn’t qualified to be a leader in general.

From what I’ve discerned is that
If an adult who’s 32yrs, thinks that a youth pastor who’s 29yrs isn’t qualified to be a senior leader.
It’s not because of his leadership skills, it’s because the person criticizing the youth pastor is one step above the youth pastor in the stage of maturity.

In order for a youth pastor to become a senior leader, is through submission to the higher authority, so that it will help enable him to mature more in the process and learn the skills and train himself to be able to take on a higher authority position into a senior leadership role.

Because differentiating the comparison differences of a youth leader vs a senior leader areas is very different, because the tasks and responsibilities do not equate each other, as well as the character difference in the mature stage.

A senior leader must be able to reach the highest stage of maturity in order to maintain self-control, discernment, decrease pride, improve identifying facets through discernment, open to criticism, and strategizing business logistics for the church.

If a leader who’s been experienced only as a youth pastor for 20yrs+, decides to reject submission of authority to

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