What does it mean to be a Christian?

What does it mean to be a Christian?

It means to persevere into the stages of maturity from immaturity.
It means to be a Sinner walking into the walk with the Lord.
It means to acknowledge and accept our sinful nature and know that we will continue to sin in the future.
It means to identify we will hurt people in the future, but through Christ we will learn how to love and be better human beings.

So when atheists or nonbelievers say
Christians are hypocrites. What’s the point of being a Christian or going to church if they never keep their word, or lie, cheat, steal, cuss, fck up in life?

“Jesus is ideal and wonderful, but you Christians – you are not like him.”
-Mahatma Gandhi

The focus isn’t on our behavior, attitude, or actions. It’s not what we are appeared on the outside. Being a Christian means to know we are the biggest scumbags on the planet but instead of following ourselves, we follow Christ to help us lead ourselves out of destruction.

If we don’t have Christ, then we will continue to live in ourselves, and our self desires.
Although, if we live in Christ, we know love.

That’s what makes Christianity different from all religions in the world, because the whole core is about LOVE.

If a religion like islam is only about protocol, then the muslims will never know what love is and how to love. Muslims stay faithful to only the indignation of mechanics.

We’re not robots. We’re humans.
As humans, we have a heart and are an image of God.
an image of God, doesn’t mean physically, but spiritually.
And if God is love, then we are a mirror to Him, a reflection of Love.
We may not be the real love construct, but only a mirror, a mirror that yearns to know what it’s like to be the original construct.

Think of it like this:
Aram stares into the mirror. His reflection is in the mirror, but his reflection is not really the original Aram. It is only a reflection. The reflection doesn’t really know what it’s like to feel the emotions of Aram. But Aram does.

And if we continue to live our lives as a mirror without trying to strive to be the original, then we will never learn how to be the original. 

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