I havent written in this blog for over a year now.

But I want to update everyone what has been going on.

So I need to re-vamp this blog.
I went and looked at all my old posts, and from reading the very first posts back in 2013.
It’s just disappointing how arrogant and immature I sound.
Reading through most of my old posts, showed me that who I was 3 years ago was a very insecure little man seeking attention but lacking sonship.
I also said alot of things that didnt make any sense and most of it being wishful thinking.
However, I’ve decided to just keep those old posts, to show the audience how far I have come and where I am now. Yes, including the profanity and arrogant/immaturity existing in my old posts, I’ve decided to just be completely transparent and be raw.

Some of the old posts was about future goals that I had my eyes set on in 2013.
Which was to go to YWAM and IHOPKC.

Funny how that actually came true now.

I’ll try to be real quick about it, brief recap.
So in 2012, encountered the Holy Spirit in my first missions trip in Ecuador.
Then a prophet told me that I am a forerunner and should go to ihopkc.
Doubted & Hesitant, Discerned for 3 years to see whether I should give up everything I have going for me and go to IHOPKC.
During those 3 years dwindled my spiritual life to trash.
I was rotting as months went by.
I was going no-where.
I read my old journal of the old entry posts that reminded me again of how Real YHWH was. So I packed my bags and left to Kansas City.
I asked YHWH where should I go first, ihopkc or ywam?
YHWH told me to go to YWAM to teach me what community looks like.
So I went, best 6 months of my life ever. I learned so much.
Now I’m an ihopkc intern.
And the Lord now has instructed me to stay here for 7 years, because I need more discipleship & covering.

The Big Difference of Who I am today VS Who I was then before Kansas City.

Who I am Today: Knows the FEAR OF THE LORD
Who I was then: Ran on FEAR OF MAN.

During my time at YWAM, I learned alot of what Sonship is.
And Now at IHOPKC, I’m walking in Sonship.

and Sonship is so important to me now, That’s all I care about.
If you dont have Sonship, then you become so insecure about your appearance and you care about what people think of you.
But if you have Sonship, you could care less of what people say about you, because only the opinion of YHWH matters.
And it shows through your confidence in Him.

to be continued.

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