Hello there, My name is Albert Aram Kim, but I’m usually known as “Aram”, my ethnic name & middle name (coincidentally).

After highschool, I went to an Art school, but after 1 year I dropped out, since that year I’ve worked for the last 9yrs from doing medicine, to marketing, to social media, to writing, to assistant, to business, to design, to teaching, to research, to restaurant cook & baker, to fitness supervisor & personal trainer. While at the same time journeying through life experience. Right now I returned back to school, so I do not plan on working anytime soon, because I’m committed now to my studies as a full-time college student on a full-ride scholarship!
I don’t see myself getting involved in business. Even though entrepreneurship is in my DNA. I am pursuing a Bachelor’s in Education. I enjoy teaching very much! To be more specific, Christian Education. I’m passionate about people, justice, & teaching. I like the arts (dance, performing, mural painting, design, acting), but i spend more of my time in music. It’s always been a dream of mine to travel the world and perform in a band. I love making videos, video editing, film documenting, interior design, graphic design, so if i could do this as a career, i would. However I am not pursuing this as a major in school, because i feel it’s a no-brainer to learn how to do it on your own, as i’ve been excelled in it for the past decade and a half now.
I love travelling, missionary work, and helping people with whatever task they need done or listening to them or trying to be a friend to them when they need it the most. I love meeting new people. People say that I’m not the typical korean…whatever that means, and I’m the most unique individual they’ve met.

After graduation, I plan to go to International House of Prayer of Kansas City to be enrolled into the Forerunner Academy. My other options for the future may also entail living on a YWAM base. I actually can see myself as a missionary in the future & teaching Christian Education. Because there’s one thing i learned through this thing called “life”, is to not listen to the mind, but listen to the heart, it never lies and it’s our duty to help people in this world. Living a life for yourself can never equate to the people you would sacrifice your own time for. Jesus loves you! He really does!!! And I don’t care if you’re an atheist reading this, I’m gonna say this til the day i leave this earth, because the fact of the matter is that it’s the truth!! I spent the last 20yrs to finally realize that Abba’s love is the truth. Amen to that.

Future Aspirations (2015-20xx):

1.) publish book eyesalt
2.) produce music videos & short films/ film documentaries