Texas Roadtrip 2013

Texas Roadtrip 2013:

From Washington, D.C. to San Antonio, Texas.

Duration: 10 days

Washington, D.C.
Harrisonburg, VA
Blacksburg, VA
Knoxville, Tennessee
Smokey Mountain, Tennessee
Nashville, TN
Memphis, TN
Mississippi River
North Little Rock, AR
Little Rock, AR
Texarkana, TX
Dallas, TX
Austin, TX
San Antonio, TX


Day 1:

Left DC, got to JMU Harrisonburg, VA.
Ate at wafflehouse.
Left, went to blacksburg, va. went to the restroom.
filled up gas. left, finally got to TN.
went to an alleyway, and slept in the car.
feet were freezing. ice storm was in our way.

Day 2:
woke up in TN. police and alot of people staring judging me as a hoodlum, just because i wear black and i have a hood on.
didnt do anything wrong but just loiter in the parking lot eating french fries.

thought this place is creating unnecessary tension, so i left. got to knoxville, tn.
place is boring, left, passed smokey mountain, tn.
kept driving through the impeccable ice storm. very dangerous but i managed.
could not see barely.

finally ended up in Nashville, TN.
took longer than i expected. on the way, found a whitecastle and ate.


then found motel. slept.

Day 3:

chilling in terrible weather of nashville.
raining. windy. cold. check out the city.

hated the weather. so i left.

kept driving all the way to memphis, TN.
pitstop, ate mcdonalds, filled gas, restroom.
felt unsafe, people staring like they never seen an asian cat.
memphis is ghetto and rough.


Day 4:

Roads were very icy after memphis, TN.
driving 25mph in a 80mph speed zone of a highway.
so funny. all cars were going snail speed too. the ice on the road so dangerous.
hit a guard rail earlier. had to go really slow.
managed to cross the mississippi river, that body of water is HUGE.

finally got to arkansas. speed zones are STRICTER than virginia.
had to drive like a ninja.
but then i ignored the traffic signs, and i ended up stuck in traffic 65 miles deep for 5.5hrs.
and i really needed to go peeeeee.

finally found a way out, which took 6hrs to reach the exit. i would move 500 feet or so every 30min. it was very very very annoying.

found a back way shortcut to the city of little rock.

kept driving.

finally got to north little rock, ar.

found a mcdonalds parking lot, and slept in the car.

Day 5:
Woke up, havent taken a shower for 2 days, my scalp is itchy, i smell, ive been wearing the same clothes since i left dc.
and i havent brushed my teeth either, and i am sick of sleeping in the car in a fetal position, i need to stretch out my legs. i cant wait to sleep in a mattress. and take a nice hot shower.

finally got to little rock, ar. ate at red lobster, toured around, visited the places.

2 3 4 5

6 7

Signature Beer of Little Rock: Diamond Bear. Hit the spot.

Left little rock, did not enjoy little rock after being there for a while. and i thought DC was bad, nope. this place is the worst. it is a SOUL EATER. eats your soul away. why on earth would you live here? oh that’s right for the money. but i was meeting the locals there, they all look miserable, telling me they miss home, i can see why.

Left, kept driving, finally got to the edge of TX. found an alley again, and slept in car again.

DAY 6:

met up with friend who lives in dallas, tx. took him around the city, and just chilled.


Thanks to my friend Bruce Brown, for letting us sleep in his house, and taking a shower. Felt sooo much better.

DAY 7:

Woke up, and before we left dallas, we found an IN-N-OUT!


Finally got to Austin, TX.
Met my other good friend Robert G. He opened his house for me.
He showed us around.

11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19


Came back to his crib, took a shower, got ready, went out. had texas bbq finally: 20

someone tried to fight me. they actually hit me in the face, because they thought i was recording them, when actually i wasnt, she just popped out of nowhere, and before i knew it, she was 10feet away from me. i got hit in the face, and i decided to just get up and get in the car and drive home. it was not worth it.

came to the crib, and my boy had left over pizza. ate that junk and passed out. that pizza was very very very good.

DAY 8: 

woke up. left crib. loved austin too much, decided to stay til night again. check out the scenery.

loved the UT campus

this was REALLY INSPIRATIONAL. met this dude random at a pho restaurant in austin.

10 21 22

finally got to San Antonio, TX. slept at friend’s house.






DAY 9: woke up.
checking out housing. so cheap here.

23 24 25


checked out the sa,tx riverwalk.






DAY 10:


29 30 31