Cover Letter


Dear Employer,

Greetings! My name is Albert Aram Kim. There’s not much to say about me, except the fact that I am a student seeking to attend Bible College in the next several months to years from now, although the tuition money is rather high, I’ve made it my goal to pursue enrollment in the near future. I am currently seeking an employment opportunity under any Christian ministry, Religious Non-profit organization, or even retail Christian stores.

I have been experienced with all sorts of jobs in the past in customer-service (multi-task, front desk coordinator and office assistant duties), marketing (advertisement, sales, strategizing business methods and competition, event coordination) social media networking (facebook, blogs, youtube, vimeo, twitter, gmail), multimedia production (graphic design, video production, audio engineering, web-design), transportation (delivery, courier, shipment package handling, stock),  writer (technical writer, contract editor, legal paperwork) maintenance (operation, highly organizational skills, custodian-cleaning), assistant manager (inventory budget, training employees, assistant management, supervising three to five employees and seventy-five children, team leader), and creative director (creative solutions, artistic director). I am seeking duties which are of the following, office assistant, marketing, organizing, advertisement, personal assistant, assistant manager/ supervisor/ team leader, transportation/courier, creative director, or social media associate.

I have been known to be highly precise, a perfectionist, knowledgeable, motivated, and a self-starter. I always maintain professionalism at the highest remark through work, personal life, and academics. I have been voted to be the team leader candidate for representing my school group projects at least a consecutive of three times and more. I also am a 4.0GPA student through the Pell government grant.

On the side, I am a freelance artist where I am hired for commissioned work in graphic design, web-design, illustration, paintings, or murals. I also tutor children in ESL enunciation & English. Lastly, I am also a freelance personal organizer and I am a volunteer ministry assistant at Northern Virginia House of Prayer, where I am an assistant to the communications department. My duties include admin assistant, websites, media, design, social media operations, and children’s ministry. As of right now, I need employment that’s stable, steady, and of consistency.

With all that said, if you are interested in hiring me, for any of my useful services and abilities confidently speaking that will assure an exalting presentation for your company, I look forward to hearing from you.


Albert Aram Kim

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