What does it mean to be a Christian?

What does it mean to be a Christian?

It means to persevere into the stages of maturity from immaturity.
It means to be a Sinner walking into the walk with the Lord.
It means to acknowledge and accept our sinful nature and know that we will continue to sin in the future.
It means to identify we will hurt people in the future, but through Christ we will learn how to love and be better human beings.

So when atheists or nonbelievers say
Christians are hypocrites. What’s the point of being a Christian or going to church if they never keep their word, or lie, cheat, steal, cuss, fck up in life?

“Jesus is ideal and wonderful, but you Christians – you are not like him.”
-Mahatma Gandhi

The focus isn’t on our behavior, attitude, or actions. It’s not what we are appeared on the outside. Being a Christian means to know we are the biggest scumbags on the planet but instead of following ourselves, we follow Christ to help us lead ourselves out of destruction.

If we don’t have Christ, then we will continue to live in ourselves, and our self desires.
Although, if we live in Christ, we know love.

That’s what makes Christianity different from all religions in the world, because the whole core is about LOVE.

If a religion like islam is only about protocol, then the muslims will never know what love is and how to love. Muslims stay faithful to only the indignation of mechanics.

We’re not robots. We’re humans.
As humans, we have a heart and are an image of God.
an image of God, doesn’t mean physically, but spiritually.
And if God is love, then we are a mirror to Him, a reflection of Love.
We may not be the real love construct, but only a mirror, a mirror that yearns to know what it’s like to be the original construct.

Think of it like this:
Aram stares into the mirror. His reflection is in the mirror, but his reflection is not really the original Aram. It is only a reflection. The reflection doesn’t really know what it’s like to feel the emotions of Aram. But Aram does.

And if we continue to live our lives as a mirror without trying to strive to be the original, then we will never learn how to be the original. 

True Strength

Now I’m not trying to be a sexist or masculinist or anything.

But I’m only trying to find a SOLUTION for MEN to become fully enveloped into MATURITY. To become  a MAN OF GOD.

Women will never be equal to us men.

The way the modern society is nowadays with validating opportunities to invoke Women’s Rights & Freedom and Feminist has truthfully given women a double standard.

It’s become so much as a Double Edged Sword; Dangerous grounds.

The reason why women will never be equal to man is because they lack comprehensively maturity, self-control, and they neurologically/psychologically respond to emotions rather than what us men respond to which is logic and reasoning.

There are times where women will frequently screw up, make mistakes. And in doing so, they will never admit their wrongs nor let alone apologize. Because of their self pride that consumes them.

However this does not mean for us men to take offense to it.

It means to grow in it and move on with our lives, this grows maturation for us men.

Now if women can never be equal to man. Then what are women good for?

Women were created and designed to be the fruit of our hardships, maturity, and perseverance. They were born for love. They were destined to be loved. We as men need to learn what love is. And the best way to emphasize what love is, is to love women.
Every single female you’ve ever known always wants to be loved, appreciated, praised, embraced, and enjoyed, because deep down they just want to know real sincere genuine honest true and real love.

Now if a woman messes up, that doesn’t mean it validates us men to hold a grudge against them, fight, argue, hate, dislike against them. It means to learn how to love them.
And how do we learn to love them? By shutting down our own selfishness, self interests, self pride, and develop humility. This is how we males can walk into maturity.

If you ever see a male act like a female (And this has nothing to do with homosexuality/transgender/androgynous, this is about maturation), then it means that male is actually a boy, and not a man.
A boy will always complain, stay immature, be arrogant, cocky, prideful, vindictive, narcissist behavior, lack self control, lack patience and understanding, stay ignorant/ close-minded/bias, respond to offense and emotions, be very sensitive, lack reflection, lack discernment, be egotistic, be fearful, be reserved, argue, fight, point fingers, point faults, point the blame.

The reason why a woman will never be equal to us is simply because the world & society we have always lived in is geared towards a life for man.
A woman’s role is only in the areas of being an advisor, guidance counselor, loved, and a daughter.
A woman will never know what true strength is, because of the way their upbringing affects themselves, whether it be in the choices they make, their mentality, their approach, their lifestyle, their psychology, their soul.
It’s because since the world is geared to man only, it’s also for building up strength for a boy to become a man.
True strength is discipline, sacrifice, submission to authority, selflessness, & servintude. It’s when you know you can’t have it your way or the things in life frustrates you, but you submit and sacrifice anyways. Through the submission, you actually develop into maturity and you understand strength.

True strength also is even after you commit to submission, you stay loyal to the entry of your commitment, long after the mood/emotion has left, and without complaining about the negative areas of the area.

So when the going gets tough, and the tough gets going, you keep going!

Yet, Boys cannot automatically transition instantly into a man.
There are many different stages of maturity and immaturity.
Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, Stage 4, Stage 5, Stage 6, and so on…
But it’s about trudging through the thick tar pit to understand how far you’ve come through the obstacle course, where you can be able to reflect which stage of immaturity or maturity you’re at now and which stage of maturity/immaturity do you need to face next and what it takes or tools you need to carry with you to reach the next level and continue persevering into the struggle.

However, the moment your mental perception thinks it is a struggle or you’re struggling is the absence of focus and letting immature influence you again.

As Men, we  need to STAY STRONG.
in order to stay strong, we look to the guidance of authority, who is God, Christ, and if we are offered a female counterpart to root us on in this battle, then she would be our advisor. Who is either our wife, girlfriend, fiancée, friend, sister.

The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps. Prov 16:9

True strength doesn’t lie in physical strength or combat skill. It lies in the inside. It’s beneath the heart. It lies in will power.

“a Long time ago in the deep forest of Okinawa, Japan. There was a hunter who was hunting for tiger. He thought he saw a rabbit in his view, so he took his bow and arrow and released. Only to find his arrow shot through a rock. He was baffled, and said “how could an arrow penetrate through a stone?”. And  so He practiced trying to pierce this stone with his arrows. He failed every attempt. He tried and tried again. All his arrows kept shattering and breaking. Until the next day, He thought he saw a tiger in the forest again, So he took our his bow and arrow and released. Only to find his arrow pierced through a striped stone. It was his willpower that pierced through the stone.”-Old Samurai Proverb.

You see if we just focus on our willpower, we can accomplish anything. Focus on the KILL to KILL. If we half-ass or lack focus, we will never be able to pierce through the stone. It’s about how bad do you want to succeed? It’s about how much do you want to achieve? If  you slightly believe you could do it, you will never be able to do it. Think as “I WILL DO IT AS IF MY LIFE DEPENDED ON IT”. Because science of this nature comes from your passion. Passion helps to re-direct that power in the inside to achieve anything. Without passion, then we will lose focus. And if you let the distractions get in the way, it will cloud your view and mess up the arrow’s target. Stay focused, Don’t take offense. Means to trudge through maturity & success.

Now if women will never be our equal, you must learn how to love them, no matter what. No matter how many times they mess up or hurt you. You have to learn how to love them. Why?
Think of it like this.

You know that story…

Hosea loves Gomer.
Gomer is infamous for idolatry  to prostitution. But even though Hosea knows Gomer sleeping with other men, and still comeback to Hosea, Hosea still loves her.


We are basically prostitutes, but Jesus will always still continue to love us no matter how many men we sleep with.

We will always sin or have a sinful nature or think of sins.
We will always be a prostitute to lust, idolatrate things, complain, put our focus on pointing faults, put focus on our selfish interests like food or career or money or status or self glory or substances or the things we know will be between Jesus and us.
But Jesus already knows of our sins and what we will do in the future, but He doesn’t bash on us for this, He embraces you with welcome arms, and invites you to a celebration party feast. He embraces you, because He loves you.

So with this said, If you know someone who has fcked up, it doesn’t validate us to hate them. It means to keep loving them, just as Jesus has done for us.
When we put our focus on hating them for them fcking up, it not only does hurt them but it pursues to grow in immaturity and we live in the absence of love and impatience, lack of self control, selfishness, and pride.

If you think God is telling you what you’ve done wrong and is hating for you in doing so.
And you’re trembling in fear by this.

That is not of God, that is the enemy trying to trick you and put FEAR in you, and brainwash you to think that is how God will always act towards you when you fck up in life.

Remember, God is LOVE. God will never want to harm his children, his daughters, his sons. He loves you.

Remind yourselves that obviously to love God is to fear God, but fearing God is not the same thing as God trying to put fear into us. That’s where you have to identify what is of God and what is coming from the enemy?

Types of Leaders in Ministry

Types of Leaders in Ministry:

Now there are different types of leadership positions.
Lowest Rank to Highest Rank:

Accountability Partners, Sheep, Servants, Shepherds, Rabbis, Children’s Assistant Leader, Children Leader, Children’s Associate Pastor, Children’s Pastor, Mentors, Youth Leaders (Youth Worship Leader, Youth Coordinator), Youth Associate Pastor, Youth Pastor, EM/College/Young Adult Leaders, Financial Advisor, Accountant, Logistics Manager, Multimedia Team, Multimedia Director, Intercessor, Outreach Leader, Ministry Director, Worship Leader, Worship Pastor, Small Group Leaders, Associate Pastor, Senior Director, Senior Pastor, Elders.

Now a Youth Pastor may not be qualified to fill a role for leading the mature adults, elderly, or take a position as a Senior Director/ Senior Pastor.

But it doesn’t mean that a Youth Pastor/Youth Leader isn’t qualified to be a leader in general.

From what I’ve discerned is that
If an adult who’s 32yrs, thinks that a youth pastor who’s 29yrs isn’t qualified to be a senior leader.
It’s not because of his leadership skills, it’s because the person criticizing the youth pastor is one step above the youth pastor in the stage of maturity.

In order for a youth pastor to become a senior leader, is through submission to the higher authority, so that it will help enable him to mature more in the process and learn the skills and train himself to be able to take on a higher authority position into a senior leadership role.

Because differentiating the comparison differences of a youth leader vs a senior leader areas is very different, because the tasks and responsibilities do not equate each other, as well as the character difference in the mature stage.

A senior leader must be able to reach the highest stage of maturity in order to maintain self-control, discernment, decrease pride, improve identifying facets through discernment, open to criticism, and strategizing business logistics for the church.

If a leader who’s been experienced only as a youth pastor for 20yrs+, decides to reject submission of authority to