2010 Dance Performances

Dance Performances:
Choreographed by: Albert Aram Kim

1. Awakening
song: Radiohead – There There
2:48 – 3:30 (Intro)
3:30 – 4:44 (story)

2. Threadless (Solo/Couple)
song: Phantogram – When Im Small

3. RJD2 – The Horror

4. Honesty 
RJD2 – Ghostwriter

5. Quantic – Time is the Enemy

6. 12 Deadly Poets. (Showcase)
It’s a show about 12 sets created by the cognitive process of mechanical movements in spatial theory. To engage audience that perceptions can be flipped and angles can be viewed differently in order to achieve new solutions for equations.

7. Indole. (Dance Theatre)
a personal engagement in flow and lyrical motions to conceptualize freestyle dance in its true spirit of rawest form. Music, emotions, and passion play the role.

8. Prologue: Tekken tag – staff roll. (Dance Theatre)
Hard work is letting go.
A story about a man struggling in the world to make his mark on the world, to make a name for himself before his ashes leave the earth. A display of after affects of state of suffering to find happiness contentment after achievement of goals.

9. Demo: James Brown Cloud Remix (Showcase)
a showcase performance of a demonstration of moves.

10. Meeting Again


1. Weave (Solo/ crew)
Dorothy Ashby – Windmills of Your Mind

2. Lujon (Solo)


1. Postcards (Solo)

2. Daylight (Group/ Solo)

3. Bones
Hillsong – Bones

4. Rush of Blood
0:00 – 1:46 (Intro)
1:46 – 3:00 (drama)

5. Politik

6. Sound & Movement: Hans Zimmer – Time. (Dance Theatre)
a dance theatre performance: about 2 individuals, a man & a woman in drama story.
it’s a story about 2 eggs born, 1 egg hatches into boy, and the other egg is hatched to a girl.
girl describes the spirit of air (sound), while boy describes the strength of earth transforming into steel (movement).
when both elements are combined, it creates love (dance).
when both separate, hope is lost.

7. Sexy Web: Cirque Du Soleil OVO – Sexy Web (Dance Theatre)
A story about an arachnid creating a spiderweb to entrap prey.

8. David crowder – how he loves



Light Feet:
1. Chill
Robin Thicke – Lost Without U

2. Relax
Little Dragon – Constant Surprises


1. http://youtu.be/2c7To97v2s4

2. 93 til Infinity Session

3. Koga: Tekken Tag – Ogre Stage. (Showcase)
Displays the art of shinobi.
A showcase about the ninja clan incorporated styles of lyrical, contemporary, capoeira, bboy in the hip hop approach.

4. YIN YANG: Herbaliser Band – Ginger Jumps the Fence (showcase) 2:33
the story about a TWO MAN CREW showing their strengths as a dancer.

5. Spooks: Herbaliser – battle of bongo hill (dance theatre)
A story about 2 ninjas trying to ambush attack each other in the forest.

6. Peace: Bliss – Song for Olabi (Dance Theatre)


Bboy Competition:

1. Jitsu
2. Angler Fish

3. Skwidz Hopper
4. Freeze Portfolio

5. Blue Lizard
6. Arm Factory

7. Virgin
8. Zafina Choreo

9. Eagle Claw
10. Silio
11. Freest
12. Baby Flow