Dance Bio


Dancer/ Choreographer:
+1998: Hanging out with my friend in his basement, and saw his brother’s friends doing flares and headspins. My jaw dropped open, eyes wide, that was the first time i saw that in my entire life. My cousin came to visit from korea and he busted out breakdancing, I was shocked and eagerly asked him to teach me. He brought some korean manga books called “Hip Hop” that had tidbits of breakdance tutorial moves. I studied those books day and night.

+2001: Joined a breakdance club at highschool. Was taught the basics. Choreographed my first set. Performed in my high school’s cultural show.

+2002-2005: Got more into Pop-locking style. Learning and practicing on popping fundamentals, ticking, hitting, waving, robot, animation, moon walks, and glides. Also got into Hip Hop dance at this time too. Entered a few competitions, placed 2nd place at a Boys&GirlsClubOfGreaterWashington Talent Competition.

+2006-2008: Saw a crazy breakdancing video that blew my mind, thought that breakdancing was all about six steps and windmills, but didnt realize you could have style in breakdancing. So motivated to create my own style to become world famous. Working one step at a time, practiced with friends, then with other heads in the area, then the OG’s, then got recruited into “Dancing Under the Influence crew” & “Animal Farm”, where i also got introduced to the pioneers and started training with “Lionz of Zion”. Entered battles here and there, came 1st place and 2nd place at several competitions.

+2009-2011: Hiatus time. During this time also trained with “Stelf Arrive To Defy crew”. Focused more on developing my own style through foundations, history, technicalities, footwork. Created a heavy 12 sets + 10 rounds, w/ choreographing my own theatrical dance performances. Also became a Dance Instructor at several local dance studios, coordinated my own dance events, became a judge for a bboy competition, showcased exhibitions, was casted in several music videos as a dancer; was basically building up my dance career & resume at this time. I was also taking lots of different classes to develop more vocabulary in the forms of contemporary, ballet, modern, jazz, lyrical, house, hip hop, popping, capoeira, parkour, gymnastics, tricking, martial arts, brazilian jiu jitsu, movnat, experimental dance, muay thai, boxing, karate, kung-fu, wushu, mixed martial arts, yoga, floreio, tricking, acrobatics, and ginastica natural. I also was independently studying dance in school to educate my knowledge for the history and technique of the art form of dance; to better understand this form of movemental expression of philosophy. Also developed my own training regime and studied nutrition to improve myself as a better dancer.

+2012: creating new sets, focused more on levels, flow, footwork, and technicalities. At this time is when i focused more on the science of the art form. During this time I also was focused more on exercise science, got into weight training and muscle conditioning & building. Worked out almost every other day, to help improve my dancing potential to the highest degree. Joined a dance company and started taking contemporary, modern, & ballet classes to strengthen and develop more vocabulary as the dancer i want to be. Choreographed 7 new theatrical dance performances for a Christian Dance Ministry for future upcoming church performances.

+2013-2014: planning on revealing my new dance style in bboy competitions and dance performances. Also planning on revealing my new choreography, sets, rounds, dance ministry, music video, new dance reel, commercial reel, & training regime. Planning on trying to become an established choreographer for theatrical dance performances.