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MC Biography:





+1996: Read a lot of adventure books, wrote my first adventure book, already had a descriptive style that engaged imagination.
+1997: introduced to the prepositions.
+1998: Started writing poetry for this girl in middle school. Took as many English classes to improve my writing and poetry usage. Excelled on honor roll & became teacher’s pet.
+1999:Fell in love with rhyme scheme, studied Edgar Allen Poe & Robert Frost. Fell in love with metaphors, personifications, onomatopoeia, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns. Got into writing more spoken word poetry inspired by Ursula Rucker.
+2001:Met a friend who introduced me to the foundations of lyricism. Emphasized on syllables, multis, fillers, beat tempo, delivery, rhyme scheme, flow.
+2002: downloaded my first audio recording and music production software, Acid Pro & FruityLoops. Recorded my first rap songs & remixed, mixed, produced my own beats using the computer programs on a 56k modem.
+2003: entered my first emcee battle, online, text, and live. always was hated for my intricate and derivative style, because my lyrical style was just too different than the common emcee. I wanted to prove everyone wrong, that i have what it takes to be an emcee. I kept at it.
+2004 – 2010: i took a long hiatus to educate myself with more knowledge and wisdom. I learned that there is a big difference between myself & these younger emcees, and the difference is experience & knowledge. The knowledge i have now is i can talk about it in a song and its like free school, whereas these kids dont talk about anything in their songs except selfishness, complaining about petty stuff, and money. I learned those things dont mean anything in life when you get older, and this is why Eminem or JayZ is doing it Big, because they actually talk about some real stuff. This is the time when i became more underground and wrote new raps privately recording.
+2011-2012: always studying, always researching, always reading & writing to make new songs that meant something and to elevate not just me but for everyone else. It’s no more, “ME” mentality, its now selfless mentality, always think about others before yourself. They matter the most.
+2013-2014:planning on revealing my concealed songs in a mixtape & music video, under an incognito approach. Also planning on publishing a few books and articles that I have been writing lately.