Bboy Class syllabus

Bboy Class Syllabus

A. Bboy Teaching Syllabus: Level: Beginner – Intermediate.

1. Learn the Fundamentals:
Step 1: basic footwork, tops, drops, and rhythm.
Step 2: after comprehension of basics. Training Drills of basics.
Step 3: homework: create 5 sets with the fundamentals.
challenge is to not repeat.
each individual set must be flawlessly unique among the others.
once completed: ready for the next step: movements.

2. Learn Movements:
Step1: fundamental movements, transitions, freezes.
step 2: after comprehension of basics. Drill them.
Step 3: homework: create 3 sets with fundamental movements.
repeat as much as you’d like, but the challenge is to be able to not repeat through dynamic levels.

tip: make 1 set a ground level, 2nd set an air level, and 3rd set a combination of both to exercise dynamic levels. this will help you understand movements and have them down as muscle memory.

3. Combine Lesson 1 & 2 together.
Step 1: create 4 new sets now. Drill them down and have them muscle memorized.

4. Musicality.
Step 1: toprock tag is the best cypher game to acquire musicality skill within fundamentals.
drill toprock tag until dancing becomes natural.
step 2: dance to other music genres to expand vocabulary.
step 3: visualize yourself dancing to a certain song when listening to it. do this often.

5. Battle.
battling is always important. it distinguishes bboy dance from other dance styles.
teaches us how to perform, confidence, holding our own, strategy and more.


tip: I always like to carry a set book or video diary.
I have a composition book. write / draw out all my original moves.

then create 5 sets of all original moves, challenge to not repeat and make each set individually unique among the others. then drill sets until muscle memorized & performance mastered.

once 5 sets are established. record yourself: make videos of it. watch, analyze, observe the skill and flaw.
make changes, tweaks. freestyle, do something new. learn something new.
learn something thats not your forte. if your a footwork head, get into power. if your power head and youve been doing power all your life, get into footwork. dont limit yourself. new things will help you grasp abstract concepts into concrete evidence.

5 sets are enough to help you get to the quarters or even semi finals.
if u run out of sets, you can freestyle.
sometimes you dont need to choreo all the time. you can just freestyle.

battling is 80% sets (choreo) & 20% freestyle.


B. Bboy Teaching Syllabus: Level: Advanced.
Content List:
1. Power
2. Tricks
3. Air: Movements & Freezes.

Being able to learn how to fly now.
Using X + Y = Z theory.
Space + Time = Z.