Bboy Workshop Syllabus

1. intro. demo.
2. break down how the bboy dance works. beginning middle end.
tops: basic checkerboard, hiptwist, corkscrew.
downrocks: 6 step, CC.
freeze: baby freeze.

3. bboy can be either FITNESS (Foundation) or ART (Style).
I choose style over anything because Im not just a dancer, im an artist as well.
I am all about the artistry of movements, creating new movements.

4. Teach FITNESS (Foundation) moves, then drills, then routine.
moves: 6 step, 3 step, 12 step,
drills: five] 6 step (1 sec, 1 round). 6 step standing up. 3] 3steps. shuffle step.
routine: 6 step, 3 step, 6 step, 12 step, 6 step, standing 6 step, 6 step, cc.
toprock zumba.

5. Teach ART (Style) moves, then freestyle cypher, then set.
introduce thread concepts.
moves: arm thread, head thread, leg thread, weaves, wraps, loops, wipers, pretzel.
set: kick glyde, dead leg, leg loops. leg thread, weave, body arm thread, head thread.

6. Teach FLEXIBLE (chrysalis). slow flow follow.
movemental transitions. to increase flexibility and balance.
set: baby freeze.
set: sade flow.
set: blue lizard.