Class Requirements


1. Athletic Sneakers/ Tennis Shoes:
Puma Suedes, Classic Originals, Adidas Shelltoes, Vans.
(No Cleats, No Basketball Shoes)

2. Wrist Bands, Headbands, Bandana Wraps

3. Extra Set of Clothes (You will Sweat Profusely)

4. Two Tee shirts

5. Track Jacket & Wind Pants
(Athletic Jacket, Athletic Pants, Athletic Shorts, Track Pants, Windbreaker Jacket, Windbreaker Pants)

6. Small Towel

7. Water & Water Bottle

8. Protective Gear: Kneepads, Helmet, Elbowpads, Wristguards, Buttpad.

9. Mp3/iPod/Music/Stereo.

10. Napsack/Backpack/Pack/Bag

11. Composition Book/ Notebook & Pen, Pencil, Highlighter.
(You will be given Homework assignments, and notes)

12. Video Camera, Photo Camera, & Audio Recorder.
Record as much as possible for student’s own understanding and comprehension, create new tutorials for student.


*Tip: Wear loose lightweight comfortable clothing, ability to move free.
Jeans, formal attire, Khakhis or button down shirts are not recommended for the beginner.

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