Body, Spirit, Mind, Emotions, Environment, Social, God.

Table of Contents:
Phase 1: Nutrition (proper nutrition, healthy diet)
Phase 1.5: Time (plan, schedule, organization, maintenance)
Phase 2: Physicality
Phase 2.5: Movement & Combat
Phase 3: Zen (controlling emotions/thought)
Phase 4: Respect Mother Nature (study the environment, care for the wildlife, biology)
Phase 5: Always honor God (the philosophical explanation of self vs God)
Phase 6: Psychology & Ninja mentality (the mind & the study of the mind)

Book unfinished…
To be published in the future. (2020)

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Phase 2: Physicality

to develop an ordinary human body into a shinobi athleticism
these are the steps that are the most effective and convenient due to wasting no time and money, through utilization of either an urban or rural environment.

Step1 (duration: 1month): Bboy, Yoga, Tai Chi, Qui Gong.
[builds endurance, stamina, balance, coordination, meditation, mental focus, Chi]

Step2 (duration: 1mo.): A. Compounds [pushups, situps, pullups] (strength starter)
B. Calisthenics (Parkour Strength Conditioning)

Step3 (duration: 1mo.): A. Weight Training (build muscle mass & strength)
B. Aquatics [Diving, Swimming] (heals muscles for effective joint lubrication & impact stabilization preparation development]

Step4 (duration: 1mo.): A. Combat (Mixed Martial Arts)
Muay Thai, Gracie Jiu Jitsu, Karate, Tae Kwon Do.
B. Hiking & Mountain Climbing.

Step5 (duration: 1mo.): A. Plyometrics
(now that you’ve developed the mass and strength, the muscle mass will help to create a barrier protecting the inner-linings of bones and joints. so that if you are to start acrobatic training, the impact on joints wont be so heavy. the stability and durability will be efficient on bone and joint impact. before you work on acrobatic training, work on plyometrics training to develop leg power)
B. Aquatics (Swimming) (heals muscles & joints)

Step6 (duration: 1mo.): Acrobatic Training:
A. Movements: Floreio, Parkour, Tricking.

Step7 (duration: 1mo.): Wilderness Survival

Step8: Combine all steps into one.
Completed journey to develop normal human into Shinobi athleticism.