The Eleazar Chronicles

Bearing witness to Visions, Open Visions, Encounterances, Prophetic words, Prophetic Dreams, Supernatural, Wonders, Miracles, Signs that is of which from God, Holy Spirit, and Jesus Christ.


Recorded by Time, Date, Details & Categorized.
No exaggeration. No Superficiality.
Just Blunt and straight to the point.

1.) Open Vision: August 2006.
Bore witness to an angel, wrapping its arms around me from behind, hugging me, felt peace and comfort inside my heart. the angel was blue energy aura. felt like everything was going to be alright.

2.) Open Vision: Monday April 8 2013 3AM.
I was asleep in my bed, then someone poked their finger at my left shoulder, I woke up, half sleep, body paralyzed, looked around, went back to sleep.

Again, someone poked me, i woke up, now seeing my chest. Had a gold blanket covered over me. this blanket was transparent and dazzling with a gold and bronze like metallic, yet it was also transparent, cause i could see through it, diamonds and rubies in the blanket and shimmering glitter of light. at the same time, my entire body was filled with goosebumps and body paralyzed. inside my chest, i was emotionally overwhelmed, where i started crying tears, i smiled and felt a HUGE rush of joy inside my heart. it was the strongest feeling i felt that came from the holy spirit. normally when i feel the holy spirit, i just get goosebumps and a buzz feeling, but this was the strongest feeling that was a combination of emotions, physical flesh, and spirituality.

it felt like someone was hugging me tightly to the point where my heart was going to bleed happiness and joyful love.
then to my left i see this person standing right next to me. it did not look like an angel. it had no body or facial features. it was just this tall silhouette of a person, filled with blue aura energy. eminating a light blue light glowing around its figure.
i dont know why i said this, but i said “take me to heaven”.
then i started to slowly lean toward my right side, where i started to notice the spirit self of me was slowly starting to come outside of my flesh body, i wasnt completely outside of my body, i was like 90% out, my legs were still inside my body, but i saw my flesh body laying in bed, while my spirit self was looking around. i have never encountered anything like this ever in my entire i was looking around. to my left, i see the person just standing there.
and i see a door behind him, the illuminated this mysterious white light, i assumed that was the gateway to heaven.
and then to my right, i saw two doors.
1 door led to the interdimensional world.
and another door, if you went through it, you can teleport anywhere in the world.I quickly got scared, so i went back inside my flesh body, pulled the covers over me, and hid myself to sleep.


1.) Encounterance: 7AM March 7 2013:
So here I am sitting on the toilet, taking a number 2. Lol and then I start to hear AUDIBLY music out of nowhere. I look around and theres no music outlet, no speakers, nothing! It doesn’t make sense, so I carefully meditate on it, staring into the abyss, and I keep hearing the music loud and louder. I’m in a bathroom stall of my own home, where everyone is asleep still and there aren’t any electronics on. Just me and my toilet. So I listen to the music. WOW it is sooo strange. I hear like 7 different singers, in different range styles: a tenor voice, soprano, baritone voice. All different, yet shares the same tone. And I hear a huge crowd of people in the background making clap noises, whistling, cheering, the crowd sounds like there were 50 million people there. I hear the clashes of drums and cymbals, and guitar distortion. It sounded just like jesus culture hillsong united kari jobe desperation band and steffany frizzell misty Edwards all mixed into one yoke. And then I heard the singers prophetic singing, speaking in tongue, this whole thing went on for 20min in the bathroom (lolol i kno). it was the strangest audible thing ive ever come across. And then an hour later, I started seeing smokiness in my home. The sunlight beamed through my homes windows, and it created an effervescent wonder. I saw it. It was UNREAL. I have never bore witness to that ever in my entire life! WOW! The smoke was inside the beam of light, the smoke was slowly forming into some kind of silhouette of a person. SO STRANGE man. Anyways just wanted to share that with you. It was def a cool experience


1.) Prophetic Dream: Feb 19, 2013.
“it started off with me walking in a corridor of a very old medieval time catholic church, the concrete was breaking apart, the pillars were crumbling, everything was just getting so old and breaking apart, i walked towards the broken glass staned window. there i saw a large crowd of naked people all partaking in sexual immorality, one big orgy. as they kept partaking in it, then suddenly they’re physical bodies started transforming, their shoulderblades sifted out large bat like wings, muscle and tissue were exposed, blood just kept gushing out, bones grew out in areas of the body that werent supposed to grow out, the cocyx started growing a monstrous tail, and their eyes…..their eyes…is what creeped me out the most, as i stared so blankly into them, their eyes started dilating pupils into like lizard or cat irises and yellow neon color of illumination, and it grew bags. and the whole time i started to realize the people were turning into demons, yet they just kept to continue partaking in the orgy, as if they were unaware of the diabolical transformation that was happening to them. I got CREEPED OUT, so i ran away, and tried to find my mom. My mom was running towards a helicopter and asking me to go with her, to be away from this desolate place, theres nothing here for us anymore. but i told her i couldnt just leave, i had to find my friends. so she left and said her goodbyes as i watched her fly towards the sky. Then as soon as i turned around, i saw a guy eating a pizza, this is where the weird part comes in, he threw away his half eaten pizza in a swimming pool, and then the pizza started turning into a zombie, which multiplied into hundreds of zombies. the zombies were chasing after me, and i ran into a beach house, where i found my friends, and my friends were fighting off the zombies, but i dont know why i wasnt fighting either, i was like trying to talk to the zombies with words rather than the fist. but it didnt work, so i opened a door and went through it, and found myself driving in my car, it was raining outside, and then the weird thing is it started to flood inside my car, and then the odometer started saying DANGER DANGER! that’s when i woke up.”

2.) Prophetic Dream: Feb 20, 2013.

“i have these strange dreams once a week or once a month or something like that, all different, yet all so similar as if it’s a day by day story. it starts off as im a soldier preparing for war, with my comrades smiling at me as if we were called to do this and ready to serve. there was a latino woman dressed in army uniform smiling at me as if everything is going to be okay, and then to my right there was an african-american male pumped up for action running to the battle, the dust gets in my eye, im worried, but i look up to the sky and God says to go. i was so scared to go fight, i went to the recruiting office to take me off the list, but the paperwork kept getting submitted by default on the signature of GOD. then other dreams sometimes i find myself at a gym doing hardcore five hundred something pullups, and sometimes i see myself coaching warriors, angels sharpening their swords and armor getting ready, (angels are scary, i mean they’re just intimidating looking, they’re fricking HUGE, take 3 NBA players on top of another, that’s how tall they are, squish me like a bug) we’re on our horses, and some just run, at a distance we see the chaotic evil. and some dreams, i find myself in the future with a group of survivors in the wilderness trying to scavenge for food and build shelters, as if the entire world is hunting down Christians, as it is against the law to be a christian.”

3.) Prophetic Dream: March 1, 2013

Im being taken to a dark abandon building, by a friend who promises to protect me. I don’t even know the person leading me into the building, he had a white gown and long black hair, couldn’t really see his face, he just kept making me follow him. It just was a strong trusting feeling of self assurance, that I could trust this person who I called “friend”. There I am walking in very very dark pitch black room, couldn’t see anything, blind as a bat in a cave. There I meet these weird middle school and highschool gothic kids, who were actually vampires. Fangs thirsting for blood. But they couldn’t touch me because that “friend” promised he’d protect me. It’s as if I had a giant forcefield around me. Then the lights flickered and I go into a dark closet, and this is where the freaky part happens, hours upon hours I hear banshee screams and evil dark voices, (man that was the worst dream I ever had, never in my life had a dream where I hear people screaming for hours upon hours) a strong dark presence hovered over me, and finally came out of the closet and left that evil building into the outside world, where the entire city is crumbling apart, everything looked like nine eleven ground zero. Everything is in heavy deep fog and smoke, and people are all demon possessed. I try to save them through the power of prayer, here I am saying “through the power of Jesus Christ, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. For you are the God of all gods, King of all kings, Lord of all Lords. Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven has come near”. It’s not working, so I’m praying harder, the possessed people stop doing their evil doings, but all time froze. So I run and find my old pastor who is smiling in the middle of chaos in the middle of the streets, im scratching my head, doesn’t he know that we’re in the middle of chaos? Why is he smiling? He laughs, opens his arms to welcome me, and says “how are you, its been a long time since I seen you”. I wake up.


1.) Prophetic Vision 8/17/2013 3:00pm
Government will make a halt to stop preaching, and stop publishing bibles. all preachers will go to jail. all those known followers will be executed. preaching/ spreading the gospel is illegal. churches will be demolished & banned. christianity is banned. atheism leads the world. all other religions will be supported, especially buddhism & hinduism: the world loves yoga philosophies of what its practiced.

this will happen when our grandchildren become prime adults mid thirties/late forties (35yrs-49yrs)

i will be a grandpa. we will be elders in that time, trying hard to cultivate the word. this is why it is important to read the word now, for the time is near, we must prepare for what is going to happen, memorize and know the scripture, for bibles will stop being published, and posting scripture will be illegal. it will be just like how north korea banned christianity.

christians will be persecuted for spreading the word.
i will be killed in the future. i will be arrested for trying to save someone who’s associated in my refugee christian private group. i will be taken to a prison camp and beaten to a pulp. tortured. my legs sawed off. and there i will die in a pit of blood, along with many other christians.

our grandchildren are taking refuge in the thick forestry wild of rural lands. underground cave dwellers. the only place for fellowship & worship. soon most elders will be wiped away from that time, bc most of them have been executed for facilitating small groups & leading & preaching the gospel.
it’s our job to know the word now, to teach to the younglings in the future, bc they will be the ones who will be the new leaders of God’s Army.

many years later after i die, jesus comes.

i get it now. it makes a lot of sense now why God’s been telling me to read the word in urgency after all these many months ago.